Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maybe this time . . .

The power won't go out one sentence shy of being finished with this post - super frustrating!!!

Anyway, Aunt Teresa is supposed to be following and so I must include photos of the children or she's threatened to boycott (not really but it sounds serious enough.) So here are a few pics from recent affairs:

Tori (Birthday Girl) going down the slide - love her facial expressions and those chunky thighs!

Here are three of the grandkids with grandma - love how the girls are holding hands and wonder what they might be learning at the pond - about turtles or fish maybe?

This is one of the few decent ones from our trip to the Strawberry Farm. My batteries died (I know, how did I let that happen) so I even lost one I thought was great. Clearly she didn't get the "wear a red/pink shirt" memo I sent out.

Now on to some crafty goodness:

In honor of earth day I took a pile of my green cardstock scraps from my card pile and made a page. I recycled the Creative Memories page insert from my side loading pages and adhered all the pieces to it. Fortunately there was a bit of pink in that Anna Griffin paper which isn't old at all but I made a card out of the rest of that paper. I used lots of flowers and girly stuff and really loved the way this page turned out. Amazing what we can do when we put our minds to using what we already have.

My newest LOVE is with my sewing machine. This was my third project: a 24X32 in. baby blanket! One of our friends just welcomed Isabella this past week and I made this blanket & card for them. I even stitched on the card!

Just so no one thinks I'm bragging - Hee hee! I must include a photo of my "mess-up" I sewed a small portion of the banding to the blanket part and didn't really know a good way to get it undone without totally restarting or messing up the banding. Don't think it was too noticable and Holly was thrilled with it!

Hope you have a great week! Be inspired to do something new or use what you already have - just do it! (sorry nike) Have a great week and I'll be back later with some of my Teacher Appreciation stuff.

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