Friday, October 19, 2012

Thank you Mr. Columbus...

for sailing those huge, stormy oceans to come find America! We loved celebrating with an AMAZING day at the State Park.  We had lots of fun and couldn't have asked for a better time. 
Check out these kiddos jumping off the was a HUGE drop off...nothing like I had ever seen clearly don't care about getting sand in those place that shouldn't have sand - HA!

The "natural" wildlife was something I hadn't experienced at the State Park either.  Raccoons were all over the jetties - someone had brought them a dozen old eggs and boy they weren't scared of anything.  Even took some from mason's hand - until his mother yelled about rabies and threatened to go home if they didn't stay away...mean mommy!

Mason loved a bit of the solitute which always intrigues me...friends to play with and some point... he always takes a moment (or two or three) away....i love that he knows when its time to just be by himself.(or with the raccoons:)

The butterflies were in abundance - clearly it shall be winter soon:)

He didn't catch one that big but he sure was excited to see the fish among the pools within the rocks of the jetties. They played for literally hours on that pile of rocks.  I was a wreck hoping no one fell, busted their head, and then drown...but they enjoyed themselves which makes me enjoy myself.
Again, Thank you Mr. Columbus for discovering this amazing place - we truly are blessed, blessed, blessed to live in such a beautiful place:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Honestly - I can't keep up!

That ever expanding "to - do " list is gonna be the death of me! I love it, I hate being bored, hate not having a list but at times it just gest a bit too long.  Lately I've done better at letting some things go and trying to focus on the "must do " science projects, math homework, taxi time, and keeping my house from looking like a bomb went off in it:)  My husband would probably say that one hasn't happened just yet!
I have tried to get some of the decorating done since we recently painted the half bath - I think I mentioned that???  It is super cool with a two tone wide gray stripe.  We updated the sink with chrome fixtures and I hung this cool subway art I did.  This is something I have wanted to do for a while but in my mind I couldn't figure a quick way to do it.  Then it came to me - scrapbook letters of different sizes and shapes - seriously?? why so long - it's not genius but I love this little thing.  Mostly American Crafts foam alphabets in different colors.  I love the splash of yellow (the handtowel is yellow too!) 

Some fall decor has FINALLY made it out at our house.  Since we don't do halloween, I wait as long as possible because dear heavens I am soooo tired of pumpkin stuff by Thanksgiving I can barely stand it.
This little set up is new but I like it ALOT! Right in the entry way by the piano - just all casual like:)
We had a fun Skate Factory party this past weekend to celebrate Miss Taylor's 6th Birthday - OMG I can't believe how big all these kiddos are getting.  Here is her with her Daddy....
 And with Mommy and "Babby"..  This day may or may not have ended up with the hubby in the walk-in clinic for x-rays....he may or may not have been acting a little bit silly (and competitive)....all is well now but man he isn't a teenager anymore!
And this is what most of our Saturdays look like .... lots and lots of soccer for us! Love it!!!
Thanks for making it all the way through this post - it's been a crazy time for us but its also been full of great memories and learning experiences.  I will share more of that later when I can put some of it to words.  Happy Wednesday:)