Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sailing ... Take me Away!

So sail away on Day Two of our San Diego Adventure. This adventure trip happened to be the favorite for one mommy on the trip and she could've repeated this daily without complaints. However, the Legg children - not so much.

Along every journey we know that a trend occurs, out of nowhere it might seem, and just won't die.On this Adventure, the trend is the peace EVERY picture... proudly displayed by Braden. Here is their "I'm going to dump you overboard if you don't give me a good picture" picture.

Followed ever so closely by the "we are wild crazy hooligans who are safely wearing life jackets" picture. Notice the peace (or whatever this one happens to be) sign.

The Legg Daddy - as he affectionally calls himself - had moments of joy and panic while navigating the sailboat. Fortunately he was coached by a seasoned-sailor who eventually calmed his fears. Believe - all the other pics don't share nearly this smile.

The oldest Legg child generally hides behind a mask of mischief and goofiness - however there are moments when his inner sweetness shines. We felt this was one of them.

Along the way, each family member was given the opportunity to "drive" the sailboat which was the highlight of the venture. Even the aging six year old can still appear small and childish when desired.

Among the high seas you can find all sorts of creatures, here we have the only girl showing what appears to be her "i'll be a teenager one day and you can't stop it" face. Glimpses of her future are everywhere these days.

And lasty, Mommy sneaks a chance to put her toes in the "arctic" waters of the Pacific ocean. She desperately enjoyed these moments as it tends to bring out the kid in her. Pointing her toes, waiting for just enough waves to engulf her foot, while being pleasantly surprised to be splashed with such force that she leaves with wet pants (in a good way.)

The family had so much fun (especially mom and dad) and are so grateful to be able to have "sailed the Pacific." Please join us soon for the next "legg" (haha) of our adventure sure to be filled with lots of wild creatures and great fun!
p.s. - just wanted to share this pic of what we did Tuesday. It was a spontaneous thing and I loved this one of the kids skating the "train" Skating rinks are not know for great pics so this is the best one. Have a great day and thanks for looking!

Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Off & We're Out :)

Please won't you travel along with us on our vacay recap? I promise it will be an adventure:)

Here is Abbi as we are off on our first flight from the new airport - Southwest was great!

See Abbi as she sits blankly staring into space while waiting for connecting flights. She doesn't seem to care where she sits or how it might appear to passers-by. Gotta work on the "lady-like" factor for sure!

See the authentic "mexican mama's" as they created our tortilla's from scratch before our very eyes - quite nice and the food at the Old Town Mexican cafe - MUY BIEN!

Discover what happens to two little boys who go ALL DAY LONG and then are made to sit quietly in a small car. Peace, pure joy for mama and daddy.

Come back tomorrow for more of our San Diego Adventure - water and lots of splashes of fun!

On a creative note: I began playing with my JBS goodies and boy is it fun! Here is a pic from Spring 2009 when we took Taylor to the park after a soccer game. I forgot how cute that little haircut once was now that is is so long and luxurious - adorable;) Love how they play together and praying for even closer bonds as the years go by.

Here the paper didn't have this edge but I created it by using my hole puncher and just not punching over the entire piece of paper. Worked well I thought.

Thanks for looking have happy evening. I am going to spend mine at Braden's first basketball game to be followed by dinner with David's sister from Alaska and niece from Tennessee (and her two little jewels) should be a BLAST! C U Tomorrow!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I heard Angels Singing!!!

Soooo, as a MAJOR bonus to my trip - I happened upon this fabulous "little" scrapbook/craft store: which I had seen on several blogs. Just a quick story about this:

Braden had gotten sick and we had to call the pediatrician for a prescription. The CVS was unknowingly located in the same plaza. David was waiting for them to finish it so i took the kids down the way for lunch. I walked right past it the first time. As we sat outside waiting for lunch I said "Am I sitting outside a scrapbook store?" Abbi: "Yes, you are." David: "No, it's a junk store." Abbi/Mason: "no it's a scrapbook store" David: " If you kids want to make it to SeaWorld today, it's a junk store!" Well, I proceeded to visit while the food was being prepared and the Angels Began to Sing (at least in my head anyway) There was so much scrapbooking goodness in such a tiny space I could hardly contain myself.

However, I knew I wouldn't be able to shop or even absorb all this goodness with everyone waiting (including Shamu) so we made mental note to return (Thank Goodness for GPS). So on our last full day, we returned and I took a solid hour to just look at it all and carefully make my choices. And took a few photos for a friend - wink;)

She had tons of vintage beads, crystals, wallpapers, notebook paper, books, etc.

Just look at all that!

I was inspired by the things she used to display stuff - so wish she wasn't on the other side of the country.

It really turned into a Jenni Bowlin kind of day - all the stuff I've seen on the blogs but was too cheap to pay shipping for - was now at my fingertips!

As well as LYB, Basic Grey, and 7 Gypsies!

Here is a new line: Echo Park (which reminds me ALOT of American Crafts.) The sales person says she believe the originator actually worked with American Crafts so that would make sense.

My favorite paper purchase was this piece with the sun on it! Saw Stephanie Howell use this a few times and just loved it. Thinking about which pic would be the perfect one for it!

More JBS (left) and a new line I hadn't seen before: Websters Pages. Very vintagy and I didn't buy a ton of it but loved these few pages.

Cosmo Cricut's Sew Cute - thought I would scrap some of my new sewing ventures on this - can't wait - might actually step outside that OCD tendency and scrap out of order - GASP!

Cosmo Cricut Travels

And my last purchase (really only shopped at Paper Tales and the Airport) was this great bag by Fossil. Loved it and walked away. Came back and walked away. Finally, David went back and got it for me - he said I was worth it but I wonder if he was feeling "guilty" for his two Tommy Bahama belts he bought (on sale though) Either way, it's fabulous and I love him for it!
NOTE: It's not as bright in person - a bit more "olivey" if that's a word.

Hope you enjoyed this little venture into what awaits us outside of Panama City. So nice to go away, SO NICE to come home. See you all soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry to Keep you Waiting!

And even now I'm not sure this is exactly the post "you" wanted but I'm very O.C.D.about chronollogy that I just couldn't help myself. We just returned late last night from a great vacation in San Diego. By great, I mean, No one killed anyone else and I believe most of the memories for the children will be great ones. I am trying to get go of the fact that my kids will be kids just like everyone elses - they all have their moments - as do we adults! However, 75% of this trip was VERY enjoyable and I will share those pics with you gradually as not to overwhelm you - as you can imagine there are a TON of them!

This however is our "Father's Day/Teresa's B-day" post as well as a little crafty card thrown in.

Since we were going to be out of town on the actual day of Father's Day we celebrated with my family on Teresa's B-day. Honestly, the food was pretty good even if I did cook it myself, and the company wasn't bad either - hee hee!

After dinner and gifts (and desert!) we (actually some of us) went swimming - here are the results:

He won't ever think he's too big to be thrown!

Sorry this is out of order but I messed up and didn't have the know how or the energy to re-do the order. Grandpa liked his card - reading it aloud to everyone is a must.

Abbi and Tori with the water gun. Love how big they are getting and happy to have these memories.

Sweet Taylor!

She looks so grown up here and I love how all you can see are Melissa's hands but she is holding on tight - we all need to hold tight to our Mama's!

Here is a card I made for a young girl I was missing terribly. Used GCD product & the cricut. I think the smaller words are American Crafts rub-ons!

Glad to be back on track (despite the humidity - which I am avoiding today like the plague) and hope you enjoyed these and I'll be back soon with more. Lisa - the Paper Tales one is coming I just haven't quite gotten there yet.
Love you all and thanks for following!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Card to Inspire

I know it's a few days early but maybe this will jumpstart your creative processes. We, however, are celebrating tonight since we will be out of town on the weekend of Father's Day. I never want to take my "fathers" for granted, especially my Heavenly Father! I am so blessed to have such great men in my life - it wasn't always that way - and I want them to know it!

Here is the card I made for my Dad, David's is still in processing.

I love it when two hobbies merge into one - I sewed the tie on (and saved on adhesive at the same time.) Hope you enjoy this.
Blogging may be a bit slim over the next 10 days - probably nothing crafty but a bunch of fun stuff from our vacation (if the computer will work right?!?)
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Blink - You Might Miss It!

I'm having a Martha Moment - actually it's more like a few weeks - and I hope it lasts longer!

For their first breakfast on the first day of summer: homemade bananas foster french toast! It was messy but YUMMY! Here you can see the evidence (Abbi's new term) of the work involved but man was it good. Still working on how to get the bread "un-mushy" in the middle when using french bread - if you know that trick - let me know! Amy - I'm thinking of you here.

Here is the finished product - not for the Happy Hungry Healthy blog but certainly for the tasty part.

And another "Martha" phase - we are expanding our sewing. By we, I mean me, with a big cheering crowd behind me. Abbi said: "Mama, it doesn't even look homemade!" I told her that was what I was going for - kinda excited about all the endless possibilities for sewing.

Here's a close-up/side view: a tiny little stitching "error" but hoping it isn't noticable unless you are looking for it. I am imagining this with a cute pair of brown cords for the fall - Ahhh!

Hope you have a blessed day and are inspired to do something, anything, creative!

Monday, June 7, 2010

You made it to the BLOG!

They made it to the blog - not that it wasn't just last week so I'm not behind really - it's just that they were clearly important enough to make it here. SOMEONE was curious if they would make it and here they are.

Back at Christmas my dear friend bought us one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts - it was an unpaited mug with the promise to all go together to create our "masterpieces." Well June 1st rolled around and here we are. Life is so full and schedules so crazy - it only took us six months.

Here is my blank mug with the stripes taped off - who knew all that experience would come in handy with pottery?!?

I wanted it to be something I would use so I tried to fit it it into my office color scheme - oh, and don't forget the perfectionist in me that wanted it to be pretty as well!

This is the finished mug but not yet glazed or fired - you'll have to tune in later for that since I haven't been out at the beach yet to pick it up.

Here are my lovely ladies with our finished products.

This was such a fun evening followed by dinner out (no obligations and not even a phone call from Daddy's!) No small feat there. I am so honored to have such life-long friends and Lisa and Jennifer: I pray we always take time out to love one another!
Thanks for checking in and I hope to have something crafty tomorrow!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Festivities

So this Memorial Day was our thing. All the Legg clan came to our house and made it a fun time. We swam, we shot water guns, we (and by we, I mean everyone but me) played kickball - I was the official photographer, and overall had a really great day.

Kickball only last 10 or 15 min but I think it was the highlight of the day. We started with this GIANT dodgeball type ball.

And following "toenail's" previous kick - wound up with a soccer ball.

Mason was smart and put on his shoes.

While Daddy runs the bases (not sure you can see it but the tongue hanging out cause he's concentrating works even here)

Then it was time for the watermelon - can't have festivities without watermelon! Love how into this Braden is - notice his face is smushed into his to get the last of the "wed Pawt"

He decided to come back out and play a little kickball....

Even Aunt Teresa got in on the action!

It was a FUN time and we are so glad to be free to be able to share these kinds of days together. Thank you all who have had any part - large or small - for our freedom. THANK YOU!!!