Monday, June 7, 2010

You made it to the BLOG!

They made it to the blog - not that it wasn't just last week so I'm not behind really - it's just that they were clearly important enough to make it here. SOMEONE was curious if they would make it and here they are.

Back at Christmas my dear friend bought us one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts - it was an unpaited mug with the promise to all go together to create our "masterpieces." Well June 1st rolled around and here we are. Life is so full and schedules so crazy - it only took us six months.

Here is my blank mug with the stripes taped off - who knew all that experience would come in handy with pottery?!?

I wanted it to be something I would use so I tried to fit it it into my office color scheme - oh, and don't forget the perfectionist in me that wanted it to be pretty as well!

This is the finished mug but not yet glazed or fired - you'll have to tune in later for that since I haven't been out at the beach yet to pick it up.

Here are my lovely ladies with our finished products.

This was such a fun evening followed by dinner out (no obligations and not even a phone call from Daddy's!) No small feat there. I am so honored to have such life-long friends and Lisa and Jennifer: I pray we always take time out to love one another!
Thanks for checking in and I hope to have something crafty tomorrow!

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  1. what fun it was-- we're GOING to do it again...

    love you much