Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sailing ... Take me Away!

So sail away on Day Two of our San Diego Adventure. This adventure trip happened to be the favorite for one mommy on the trip and she could've repeated this daily without complaints. However, the Legg children - not so much.

Along every journey we know that a trend occurs, out of nowhere it might seem, and just won't die.On this Adventure, the trend is the peace EVERY picture... proudly displayed by Braden. Here is their "I'm going to dump you overboard if you don't give me a good picture" picture.

Followed ever so closely by the "we are wild crazy hooligans who are safely wearing life jackets" picture. Notice the peace (or whatever this one happens to be) sign.

The Legg Daddy - as he affectionally calls himself - had moments of joy and panic while navigating the sailboat. Fortunately he was coached by a seasoned-sailor who eventually calmed his fears. Believe - all the other pics don't share nearly this smile.

The oldest Legg child generally hides behind a mask of mischief and goofiness - however there are moments when his inner sweetness shines. We felt this was one of them.

Along the way, each family member was given the opportunity to "drive" the sailboat which was the highlight of the venture. Even the aging six year old can still appear small and childish when desired.

Among the high seas you can find all sorts of creatures, here we have the only girl showing what appears to be her "i'll be a teenager one day and you can't stop it" face. Glimpses of her future are everywhere these days.

And lasty, Mommy sneaks a chance to put her toes in the "arctic" waters of the Pacific ocean. She desperately enjoyed these moments as it tends to bring out the kid in her. Pointing her toes, waiting for just enough waves to engulf her foot, while being pleasantly surprised to be splashed with such force that she leaves with wet pants (in a good way.)

The family had so much fun (especially mom and dad) and are so grateful to be able to have "sailed the Pacific." Please join us soon for the next "legg" (haha) of our adventure sure to be filled with lots of wild creatures and great fun!
p.s. - just wanted to share this pic of what we did Tuesday. It was a spontaneous thing and I loved this one of the kids skating the "train" Skating rinks are not know for great pics so this is the best one. Have a great day and thanks for looking!

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