Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry to Keep you Waiting!

And even now I'm not sure this is exactly the post "you" wanted but I'm very O.C.D.about chronollogy that I just couldn't help myself. We just returned late last night from a great vacation in San Diego. By great, I mean, No one killed anyone else and I believe most of the memories for the children will be great ones. I am trying to get go of the fact that my kids will be kids just like everyone elses - they all have their moments - as do we adults! However, 75% of this trip was VERY enjoyable and I will share those pics with you gradually as not to overwhelm you - as you can imagine there are a TON of them!

This however is our "Father's Day/Teresa's B-day" post as well as a little crafty card thrown in.

Since we were going to be out of town on the actual day of Father's Day we celebrated with my family on Teresa's B-day. Honestly, the food was pretty good even if I did cook it myself, and the company wasn't bad either - hee hee!

After dinner and gifts (and desert!) we (actually some of us) went swimming - here are the results:

He won't ever think he's too big to be thrown!

Sorry this is out of order but I messed up and didn't have the know how or the energy to re-do the order. Grandpa liked his card - reading it aloud to everyone is a must.

Abbi and Tori with the water gun. Love how big they are getting and happy to have these memories.

Sweet Taylor!

She looks so grown up here and I love how all you can see are Melissa's hands but she is holding on tight - we all need to hold tight to our Mama's!

Here is a card I made for a young girl I was missing terribly. Used GCD product & the cricut. I think the smaller words are American Crafts rub-ons!

Glad to be back on track (despite the humidity - which I am avoiding today like the plague) and hope you enjoyed these and I'll be back soon with more. Lisa - the Paper Tales one is coming I just haven't quite gotten there yet.
Love you all and thanks for following!

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