Thursday, December 31, 2009

Without the Perfect Photo ~

So I don't normally post without a photo - sorta seems pointless. However, I've heard you can print your blogs out and make a little book out of them so this seemed a great way to get my thoughts down for this time of year.


for my salvation.
the Holy Spirit.
the truth that permeates our beings.

for my amazing husband whom God so clearly sent my way.
for my amazing children - whom I love dearly but can in the same breath drive me CRAZY!
for a home that is safe!
for a home that is our soft spot to fall.

that my children aren't growing up the way I did.
because they have food to eat, clothes to wear and they aren't all handy-me-downs.
that they don't have to wear shoes that hurt their feet.

that I have several "old" friends who still love me even though I'm flawed.
that occasionally a new friend can be worth the effort.
that technology (facebook) can help us stay in contact with them all.

Though some of this may sound petty and maybe even shallow - I believe the Lord knows my heart and that it isn't meant that way at all. I truely and grateful for the blessings in my life. I don't want to be guilty of taking anything for granted and even though everything doesn't fit on this list today, if you are ready this, I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU TOO!

New Years Eve 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random.. & Not So Random

So I'll start by saying this is FULL of pics but since I'm trying to purge, organize, etc. today (in anticipation of my new furniture) I didn't want to do too many posts cause I'm ready to get movin'

I loved this day - amazingly there was no fighting, minimal complaining and an all around day of memory making - love this girl! On a side note, this was in Baytown Wharf in SanDestin and it cost $10 including skate rental - totally worth the drive!!!!

This made David laugh - I kept saying "did he make a silly face?" and David just kept laughing (hard) so when I checked the photos - this was the surprise. He is always trying to be funny - reminds me alot of his Uncle Bryan ( i mean that in the best way possible)

This was just too cute (it isn't coffee) He had to stop every lap for hot chocolate but boy was it good! Starting 'em early on starbucks - hee hee!

Super-sized game of strategery - I loved how Mason wouldn't give up even when he appeared clearly beaten. Abbi wanted to quit but he wouldn't hear of it - gotta love that!

So, if I had been there I would've brushed her hair (Sunday School must've been wild that day) but I am so, soo, soooo proud of her! She played Away in a Manger during the offering time in Children's Church on her 9th Birthday! SO WONDERFUL!

Christmas P.J.'s - our tradition - they knew what they were but were still excited to see what they looked like.

This year we had to leave carrots for the reindeer - Mason thinks of everything!

Christmas night was spent at Bryan and Melissa's house and Ms. Tori was super excited about her pig that Aunt Teresa bought her.

A Florida Soccer ball - no way!

Taylor was excited about her NEMO game for her Leapster.

This was the hit of the night - Grandma bought this toy for Tori that works with the t.v. but also spins and makes horsey noises too - she spun round and round, un-dizzied herself, and started again. Can't you see the wind blowing her hair? TOO CUTE!!!

Well, that's all for now (hope you read this far) Hope you are all having a fantastic day and making those changes today!

Love to you all!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3,285 Days Ago.....

these sweet babies were born!

In some ways it's so hard to believe but in others, not so much. I am so proud of each of them (in different ways) and know I couldn't fit it all in here but here's a short version.

She is artsy, athletic, obedient (mostly) and very English and the literary stuff.

He is logical, avid reader, pushes the borders in almost everything and is very smart...excels in Math and Science.

If you know us (their parents) it is fair to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - someways that is good and other ways just "rotten" ha ha!

He is so silly! I try not to discourage it because I think it could come in handy one day with whatever the Lord might choose to use him for.

She wants to please us so desperately and I pray that quality doesn't get her in trouble one day with her peers. Trying to keep it all balanced is a tough act (I know from personal experience!)

Anyway, just wanted share a happy birthday tribute to my beautiful Abbi and Mason!
Now that I've got my computer "figured out", I hope to be back soon with some Holiday fun - there clearly is no scrapping going on right now and I'm longing for when that will start up again - maybe after my new office furniture comes and I get seriously organized! Yippee!!!
Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I love this season.....

of my life! It's been pretty fantastic lately around here and I'm trying to soak it up and enjoy it because as well all know, things are subject to change - without warning. I haven't posted for a while for multiple reasons and I'm trying to get back on track (in alot of ways . . . I ran this morning!) My new computer system makes looking at my pictures a bit difficult and I'm still figuring that out so these are the ones I thought I could share today.....

The Eiffel Tower at night.... (hard to believe we were actually there, staring at THE Eiffel Tower)

The first presents wrapped and under the tree...always a HUGE accomplishment.

The lovely kiddos in their costumes for the church Christmas presentation...I was pretty proud of my little ones. Mason was much calmer than in years past and Abbi did a great job with narration - on a side note, she and her friend Hannah taught their Sunday School class this past Sunday morning - I tear up thinking of how God might use her in the future (all of them actually but that was just amazing)

Braden learned to ride his bike without training wheels while we were gone... sigh!!! I was so sad to hear I had missed that huge milestone but he didn't mind showing me again. I told him I wanted to get the camera and he said "so I can remember it forever?" Mine are finally figuring out why the camera is snapping constantly - Mom's trying to capture this crazy life we lead.

So, I gotta get ready for the work party at our house tonight (probably shouldn't have stopped to blog but I needed a break!) Happy shopping, crafting and time with your families!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bonjour from Monte Carlo . . .

Hello everyone! Just a few quick pics (now that I know how this works) we are headed out for a tour of Sanremo, Italy, shopping and dinner. So grateful for these wonderful opportunities to see God's creations. Here are a few shots of our trip - much of it looks like places we've been before so the pics so far are few.

Street view:

Food view - this stuff is amazing - you can totally tell they make stuff fresh each day!
Enjoying more great food:

The view from our window - I always like to take these type of pics:

Au Revoir for now!