Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Leftovers - yummy :)

So I finished my customer's work so it's back to my "own" stuff - yeah!!!! I didn't post these valentine things because I didn't want to spoil the surprise in the mail before hand so here are my Valentine's Cards for the "locals" as I lovinly refer to them. (The other version with the family letter was for those who don't already know our daily stuff.)

Anyway, I fell in LOVE with the turqoise and red ribbon so I matched the cardstock to the red and went from there. I am really enjoying making cards and therefore stamps are more frequently on my "to buy" list. I found this one and thought it would be perfect for LOVE day.

Here is the inside with the wording that I am so proud of - I love it when these things come together so quickly in my own head and I don't have to "waste" time on the internet looking for something cute to say.

There are the school valentines we made (not sure if I shared this or not yet) These are Mason's because being the logical child that he is - they needed to look like real life owls. The pixie stick is supposed to be their branch and the inside says "I'll OWL-ways be your Valentine!" Super Cute we all thought.

On to our personal celebration! It is so rare that we get to spend a night at home without any children - thanks to my dear friend Christi for handling that. We grilled filets, baked potatos, and salads. Sat by the fire (like when we were newly weds without the fear of something being knocked over!) and enjoyed the opening ceremonies in peace and quiet and then watched a movie. It was the perfect quiet celebration.

Hopefully, I'll have some pages to share tomorrow so come back soon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Card - Version #1 (sorta)

I just LOVE Valentines but am beginning to feel like the northerners right now - instead of snow, I'm covered up with Valentines! These are our "family" valentines. I didn't do Christmas cards on purpose because they usually get lost in the shuffle (at least that's my opinion.) So, for the last few years I've sent Valentines to all the people on our "Christmas Card List" There are several different color palattes but this is the one I photographed (since the others had already lovingly been put in envelopes by my mother.) I tried to get several shots so you could see the whole thing.

Of course, my three sweet loves!

Here is the side view - it's kinda like a bi-fold turned sideways. I was inspired by a card on the blog for cardmaking day.

These cards were sent to those who aren't "involved in our day to day lives" so I included the photos on the front and a family letter on the inside.
Hope you're having fun with Valentines Day - I sure am!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun News & a "MANLY" Valentines Card :)

SOOOOO, first things first: I'm very excited because today I get to go teach a group of winter visitors a Scrapbooking 101 class! It's today and the next two Mondays as well. It's a small group (not more than 5 or so) but I am excited about being asked - SUPER EXCITED!

Second, I thought I would share this "manly" card I made for my hubby (which I can post on here since he never reads these things) and maybe give some inspiration to you ladies before the big day is here. I find it so tough to have a Valentine's Card that isn't so full of pink and flowers, etc. David has a soft side so I could go all girly but I don't want to: Here I used some of the GCD Studios papers and pulled out the red for the big day! With the cricut, making memories ribbon and some bronze embellishments I think it has just the right touch of masculine while conveying how much I love him.

There's still time to make yours - share them with me when you're finished!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching up!

I really am trying to be current with the pictures I'm scrapbooking - really, I am! Maintaining separate albums for all three children (as well as a "limited" album for David and I) does present some challenges in the current dept. Anyway, I did this two page layout for Abbi's album and considering I've been on a little hiatus (sp?) due to a little medical stuff - I am happy with it. It always seems like the first ones back aren't the best but I guess every page doesn't have to be, right?

I placed the letters over the pic just a bit so they didn't get lost on the lighter background - I think it worked. And, as a confessions, I messed up the cut on the round photo so I used the flowers to overlap the pic to cover my mistake. Can't tell can ya?

This was my favorite part - the "ticket" to the HUGE party!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these (maybe inspired even) and have a great day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quickie Card & V-day Decor!

So clearly I've been out of the "loop" for a bit but I am beginning to get back in the swing of things - clearly visible by the fact that I'm on here and that I took the time to make a quick Birthday card for my sweet Olivia last week.

This card was just textured cardstock paired with some solid stuff and the pretty "lace" is paper and self adhesive but clearly wasn't sticking well when I took the photo. I later used my tape runner to "stick" it down. She enjoyed it and I did too!

So Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays and I like to decorate for it (only been doing that the last few years). I try to stay away from "tacky" and I just loved this GIANT flower (I think it's a peony) and then the feathers gave it a fun touch to disguise the stem.

Here is my new wreath -I love it! Didn't take very long and I was suprisingly happy with the heart shaped wreath. I loved it was a bit rustic (as rustic as pink can be.)

So, that's all for today - hope to be back for more stuff soon! Happy night-time :)