Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching up!

I really am trying to be current with the pictures I'm scrapbooking - really, I am! Maintaining separate albums for all three children (as well as a "limited" album for David and I) does present some challenges in the current dept. Anyway, I did this two page layout for Abbi's album and considering I've been on a little hiatus (sp?) due to a little medical stuff - I am happy with it. It always seems like the first ones back aren't the best but I guess every page doesn't have to be, right?

I placed the letters over the pic just a bit so they didn't get lost on the lighter background - I think it worked. And, as a confessions, I messed up the cut on the round photo so I used the flowers to overlap the pic to cover my mistake. Can't tell can ya?

This was my favorite part - the "ticket" to the HUGE party!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these (maybe inspired even) and have a great day!

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