Sunday, April 22, 2012

Him + Me + 15 Years = CANCUN!!!!

So these are TOTALLY not in the order but this is the first time I have posted with the new format and I clearly have a bit to learn...

A few weeks back (feels like forever) David and I were blessed to be able to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in Cancun, Mexico:)

We had such a great time and so much fun stuff to do - and the people were so nice!

Here is the ancient city of Coba and the Mayan Ruins - I made it to the top (120 very steep steps) while David decided to rest it at step #50 :(  I tried hard to get him to continue but his lack of desire and fear of heights were too much to over come.

One of the days we took a ferry to La Isla Las Mujeres - I think that translates to Island of the Women.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  We rented a golf cart and toured pretty much the whole island.  We found a great spot for lunch, some swimming (David even got a little massage on the beach) and then it was off again.

I loved all the old boats with the outboard motors - tried to get the shot without them visible but it was tough.

Here was the view looking up to the top of the ruins - again, not in order but a cool shot none the less.

The total climb - 120 steps

A pleasant dinner by the lagoon - I have a cool photo of an evening before this where a crocodile spends his evenings - assuming he is waiting for handouts - they fed him and he put on quite a show - this would NEVER have happened in America!!

The view of the water - I thought this was a great shot - no bragging just loved the aqua and red in the same shot - it was red flag all week so not alot of swimming here but a great view!
 Here is our happy photo on the evening of our "real" anniversary.  I couldn't have asked for a better fit to spend the rest of my life with.
Hope you have a great week and enjoy this amazing weather - who knew???

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I don't have to....

Do what other mothers do....I have to do what is best for this guy! I don't have to do what my mother did... she wasn't the parent to this eleven year old who needs something different. We have to do what makes them thrive.... because he LOVES this....

He loves to chase that ball - he loves to believe he is good at it - he needs to know I am his biggest fan - no matter the day or the trials - He is my heart!

I have to take care of this precious jewel - who is full of spunk, kindness, and such amazing thoughts and ideas.
Because she too.... LOVES to do this! Does it matter that it's not the thing everyone expects us to do... NO. Does it matter that she would give life and limb (and take a beating) to be there?? I think that says something about her passion... I should feed this and not torture us all with things that don't spark that passion.
Because I have more than one amazing child - I have three! How did I become so blessed??? This guy is phenomenal - he loves to learn... just the other day they were learning about the earth's core and all it's order. He came home, went outside, and came back in to inform that he was upset because he couldn't find the shovel to dig to the earth's core.... he takes it all so seriously and that is wonderful.
Because he LOVES this...Karate....he thinks about it constantly and I am proud that he has his own thing...that is important for children... I am learning just how much so...
We have to do what makes our family work...does it work for yours... maybe....will it work for ours...we can try...but when it doesn't, we can't be afraid to stand up for what works at our home. I have been blessed with an amazing husband who loves his Lord, his family and isn't afraid to work hard to keep it all together... when he says "you gotta let it go" ... I have to learn to listen...because family and home are so much more important than the appearances, the bank accounts, or other peoples opinions. Am I totally there yet??? Not on your life, Am I working on it....ABSOLUTELY! We will be changing, transitioning and learning more about ourselves over the next few weeks and months. I pray that in the end, it is all good, but praying even more that the journey to where we are going will be one of bonding and loving and learning.
Praying you have a day full of things that work for you!