Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soccer Star!

So here we go - we may use a bit of soccer "jargon" that we learned a couple of weeks ago (but I promise I'll exlain). Abbi was asked to play in an all girls tourny (tournament - ha) a couple of weekends backs. We agreed since she had never been "selected" before and it was a once in a while thing. It was sooooo much fun but also a TON of stress - not sure how the mama's who do this every weekend handle it - honestly!

Here's the recap:

Pre-game warm-ups: I may be weird but the "rituals" of the sports are often my favorite parts - stretches, post-game handshakes, etc. Love that the coach is running with them.

and back.

We won the first game 5-1. Abbi scored 3 of our goals! We started off amazing!

Then we ran into Tallahassee.. these "little" girls were goooodddd (and fast!) oh my. This number 8 gave our entire team a run for their money. We lost 2-0. I do love this action shot of Abbi - red #17.

Another part I love is team strategy meetings - so cool - I would say cute but that might not be very appropriate for these fierce girls.

So the breakdown goes like this: Game 1 - 5 to 1 - we won. Game 2 - 2 to 0 - we lost. Game 3 - 2-0 we won (this was by far the "grittiest" (hard fought) game of the tourny) This one had losts of pushing, shoving by the opposing team which turned out to put the first in our girls and we made it to the Championship game. Game 4 - 3 to 2 - we lost by penalty kicks! This is Abbi "burying" hers _ code for shot it right past the goalie who didn't have a chance of stopping it!

We (mean David and I) are convinced games should not be decided this way. Totally not cool:(

On the bright side, the Arnsenal came in second! It's the very first time they have played together as a team. (The winners - Tallahassee - have been playing together since last fall) We were very proud. Here she is receiving her trophy from Coach Rigby - this was a huge curve for her since she's only had one soccer coach the entire time and let's just say, personality wise, Coach Rigby is NOT Coach Brent! In the end, we grew to enjoy him but man was it a transition.

Group Shot!

This was a great time and I can see we will be back for more if they invitie us - maybe?!?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of School Festivities

So first we'll start with the crafty stuff - a "quick" card that is indicative of what I'm trying to work towards. Eclective without looking over the top. None of these supplie are from the same mfg company (except the papers are both GCD) I used pieces and parts and I loved the way it turned out.

So 1st grade had their awards in their individual classrooms. We have LOVED Ms. G and are so hoping things work out for next year that he might get her again (please, oh, please!) Braden earned Academic Excellence (all A's for the year), Student of the Month, and Most Inquisitive - shocker, right? ha!

Thursday night there was a musical performance. Mason played several instruments. Proud of how he just does what he needs to. No tom-foolery today!

Braden played one of the 10 little monkeys (except here Ms. Delmar lost count and there were 11) He did so good!

After school let out on Friday - we made a trek to the beach to see David's aunt. This is a pic of the child did NOT want to get in the water - note he is almost over his head.

Again, enjoying what he didn't want to do.

Boogie boards might be on the list of must have summer items.

Here's hoping your summer is off to as great a start as ours is!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Happening!

That old scrapbook feeling is coming back! So excited to be slowly getting back in the groove:) I know this isn't the best photo but the page makes me so happy (and proud - I used alot of stuff I've been hoarding from the out of town LSS trips!)

This is a "collage" of sorts of various trips to the park that spring. I found this cool "film Ribbon" by Tim Holtz and thought it would work perfect for this sort of page. And then maybe it was cheesy but Snapshot of Spring played great into the title. Used some Webster's Pages, more Tim Holtz for the "clock", 7 Gypsies for the chipboard, Cosmo Cricut for the small type... see what I mean?!?

My fav element is the film ribbon. It was clear so what I decided to do was use a self-adhesive ribbon behind it to make it pop even more. I like how it turned out.

Hope you are even slightly inspired to pull out your hoarding goodies and get to scrappin':)

p.s. - on a personal note, David is gone back to Mayo Clinic with his folks. His mom will be having some pretty major surgery tomorrow. Removal of a melanoma on her cheek and a neck dissection to remove her thyroid that has a cyst on it. Prayers are appreciated (for them and me!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you sitting down?

'cause I'm sure you'll need to be when you actually see a "fresh" layout! I know it has been a while and I am aware this isn't my "best" work but I have been out of the loop and just needed to bite the bullet to get my juices flowing. This was the twins 8th birthday party (see how out of the loop I am?!?)

I was proud of me for coming up with the "splash" water affect with the crystals since we used crystals on the invitation. Cheap and easy way - well, and thickers in this bright blue are amazing too:)

And for a tear jerker ending (hoping you can read some of this) I found this under my pile of "stuff" on my desk. He gave it to me after Mother's Day and it was hectic at school so it must've gotten thrown in with other stuff. Just when you think you're ready to strangle a child - his heart is exposed and your heart swells with even more love. Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up Party

So I having been playing today (as you can probably tell) and even chose to link-up to a weekend party at Tatertots&Jello Go check out some really great things out there in blogland for some weekend inspiration - even some amazing recipes too!

Again, no post is complete without a photo:

That is Mason's lower half sliding into home plate at the Teacher vs. Student Kickball Game back in the fall.

Cool Giveaway

So there's this blog Brittney who does this thing called "Freebie Friday" and if I tell all you about it I get two entries for some really cute Bella Blvd scrapping supplies. I don't usually do his but I love her style and I am in the market for some stuff that isn't currently mine. So go there and check it out and leave a comment too!

And since no one loves a blog post without photos:
I will share with you what happens when my children are actually getting along - their sister gets a free pedicure from her brothers! Sweet - I kow!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Green Wreath

So I won't say how long this project sat on my dining room table - moss strewn about but let's just say the original season one version was intended for came and went without even a single piece being added. Ugh - hate it when that happens.

Lately, green has replaced all others as my favorite color. Not sure how long it will last but for now - I love all things green. So I was inspired by the general Pottery Barn catalog and the moss idea. Think the feathers add a bit of whimsey.
I loved this little bird - He is metal and I think was intended to hang from something but I liked him resting in this little "nest" and thought this little patch balanced the big "bunch" on the bottom. Hope you like it! Have you created a wreath - I'm starting to think of my 4th of July one already!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"LAZY" Teacher Appreciation + Race Judicata

First off I want to say THANK YOU to my new followers! I love clicking on that button and seeing the number go up - it has been slow but thank you for getting on my wagon!

Click here to see my "big" Teacher Appreciation gift from last year.

I filled it with coordinating teacher goodies like binder clips, paper clips, push pins, and a little extra chocolate! Can't hurt right? I am foregoing this gift this time and gave nice gift cards to their favorite restaurants. I know these teacher ALOT better than in previous years and know they are well stocked in supplies department. Please leave me a comment with a link to what you did - I love great ideas (especially since I have at least 4 more years of this!)

So the Race Judicata kicks my behind! I did not feel well at all after that race so my goal is to do much better in preparing in hopes to not feel like garbage when all is over. However, I LOVE doing this! It gives me bonding time with my girls ( Abbi, Melissa, and Taylor all participated as well as my friend Jennifer who ran for herfirst 5K - shout out to you girlie!) 4 of the 5 came home with a "prize" (aka coffee mug) for placing in our age division.

Abbi beat her mama by a whole TWO minutes! She's gonna be a track star:)

I finished 4th in my age division! I know fourth doesn't sound like much but I've never placed before so that was kinda cool.

Melissa placed but I can't remember if it was 2nd or 3rd. We were kinda busy talking and we missed the particulars - sorry Melissa!

Taylor placed first her age division - GOOOO TAYLOR! She is so cute and just grins from ear to ear the entire 1/2 mile. I can't express how fun it is to see our girls into running.

Have a happy Wednesday! One of these days soon I am hoping to have a layout!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Last Minute Teacher Gift

ANNOUNCEMENT: In case you haven't noticed - tomorrow starts Teacher Appreciation Week! Ha! That was sorta my way of making a joke, however, if you haven't had a chance to work on this thought and you are like me - INCREDIBLY BLESSED with some great teachers, here is a SUPER QUICK and SUPER EASY picker-upper.

To follow with my theme of "things teachers need but shouldn't have to buy for themselves because they take care of our kids all day" (whew, that was a mouthful!) I thought a box of Band-Aids would be great. Kiddos are always aquiring little boo-boos throughout the day and here is something the teacher always needs on hand.

I did a simple wording "Thank you for ALWAYS coming to my AID!" Gotta love cardstock and then punched two small holes on either side of the tag and ran the ribbon through. EASY! (and quick!)

Here's hoping by the end of this week your child/ren's teacher will know just how appreciated he or she is:) Let me know your great ideas - I'd love to see them and if you leave me a link, I'll share it with everyone else.

I have one more thing to share tomorrow so please come back!