Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation - Mission Accomplished!

First a little pit stop to baby bird land - shot this today! Their feather's are coming in - their beaks are more solid - and clearly they were hungry! What was so cool was I could see mama up on the powerline watching me. She was even brave enough to stop by just after this even with me close by and feed them. I could see the worm in her mouth!

Final view of Teacher Appreciation gifts! You might be tired of these by now (cause I kinda am) however I am super, super proud that I actually got them all done in a timely fashion - began preparing early which did make a difference - might have to try that again in the future - the preparing early part.

Ms. Maddox isn't too girly so we kept hers simple.

This is my fav - love the pink/black/white combo!

This one didn't photograph so well but the ribbon is the same color as the ribbon on the "gift" bling. Worked out well.

Hopefully I'll have a layout to share (which also counts as photos Aunt Teresa) soon, like tomorrow! It's been sitting there since Sunday! Too much else to do with Teacher App., Mother's Day, Baby gifts and a wedding gift. Maybe life will slow down but then that might mean I was dead and not really ready for that. Sweet Dreams!

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