Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Phase 4 (& sneek peek of 5)

Again Phase 4 is simple - HUGE chocolate (which shows appreciation to anyone if you ask me) and then wrap it in decorative cardstock. I used spare ribbon and punched the hole with my rectangle punch (my ribbon punch has two holes but i just used 1/2 of it) and then tied the tag on with a simple knot. So far these gifts are going over well - Braden said this am "Mrs. Childs says she owes me a Thank You note!" I love it:)

This is the "BIG" gift for Friday. A simple craft organizer filled all sorts of teacher requirements.

Thumb tacs, binder clips, magnets, hand sanitizer, and of course Nuggets of choc. to keep them sane throughout the day! I tried to color coordinate the items (office depot was great for this type stuff). This lid will be decorated with beautiful paper and their name in some creative way but that's the last part.

Hopefully you've gained a few ideas - maybe they won't be packaged the same but surely they will encourage your child's teacher of how appreciated they really are!

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