Tuesday, May 25, 2010

World Cup Recap!

plus a short bit of crafty! We had our final soccer saturday this past weekend (1st Annual World Cup) and I made this card (and a similar one) for Braden's coaches - quick, supplies on hand = good! All the parents were thrilled so that's what really counted. The kids signed their name and the inside read ... "with you as our coach!" Now onto the real action...

Corner kick by Abbi - glad to have put the red ribbon in - made it easier to find her with the camera. She totally loves this game (even skips the pool to practice in the yard & unbelievably run sprints!)

She ALWAYS wants the ball - HATES playing defence - but is somehow developing a love for GOALIE (of all positions) I hate when they play goalie because the stress is just more than I can handle - if they score - it looks bad on her/him - but she enjoys the challenge.

This is one of the RARE action shots - this guys is really not there yet.

A shady spot in the BLAZING heat between games (and with a snowcone no less!)

Still my favorite part of the game - shaking hands and "good game"

So why include this shot - those who were there will understand - for those who weren't - notice how Abbi's knee is tangled up with the other players? This shows her aggressive play - no fear - go get that ball attitude! LOVE it! No violence just great play.

The coolest trophy EVER!

The fake smile: I threatened him within an inch of his life for this. They were NOT HAPPY because they came in second but only because the other team cheated. I know this sounds like an excuse but when our coach (head of the league) says they cheated - pretty sure they cheated. However, we must lose with dignity and grace - and suck it up! As my mother once told me (actually a million+ times, Life's not fair!)

Never too old for bunny fingers!

Enjoy your day and thanks for looking - hope to do some scrapping later today - now that there is no soccer practice :)

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