Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Remember ...

Sometimes we need to be reminded how great our kids are. If you don't have children yet, you might find this hard to believe or think it sounds like I'm a terrible mom. We have had an incredibly busy time recently around here and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. With all that going on, occasionally we can forget, so I stole this blog idea from http:// I love her journaling style - how honest she is! Check her out if you haven't discovered her yet.

she . . .

... is a nurturer through and through
... is a little too big for her britches
... is a total rule follower (minus the attitude)
... works hard to do her school work well - makes straight A's!
... sometimes enjoys tattling on her brothers (cause it makes her look good, except she doesn't realize how no one likes a tattle tale)
... is going through a real tough time attitude wise
... but loves as hard as anybody I know.
... has the most beautiful green eyes.

I love her and yet struggle because she's so much like me - I look for the good but it's harder to see because which of us likes to brag on themselves?

He ...

... is so handsome (how could I forget that you ask, the attitude can mask it!)
... is super smart and doesn't seem to forget anything he learns. BLOWS me away!
... enjoys being by himself (didn't get that from his mama)
... took a walk through the woods yesterday - discovered a stream and wild blackberries - he LOVED it - all by himself.
... only wants to do what he wants to do - everything else is "adults torturing kids for fun!"
... loves to read but struggles to stay with what is approved. Wants to read Percy Jackson so bad and sometimes I wonder if he sneaks it at school.
...thinks his little brother gets to do all the fun stuff. Clearly doesn't remember his life when he was five.

The smallest he ... sooo stinkin' cute! the most well-rounded of them all. a little sports, a little school, and LOT of personality.
...wants to be whatever age his siblings are. almost six and wants a basketball goal (we've been watching playoffs and High School Musical)
...still throws a tantrum every now and again - just started stomping his feet again - ugh!
..still loves to hold my hand (here is where my heart melts)
... sings/hums/talks CONSTANTLY! I wish I could really portray how his mouth never stops, i mean NEVER! (o.k. - so he got it honestly - but i think he got a worse does of it)

So take some time today to remember all the good things in the people you know and love - it'll make your day brighter!

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Things All Around

Love Spring! It makes you see the world new again... like brand new baby girls. I made this card for a couple who recently had a sweet baby girl - hope they treasure every moment with her!

While digging all the vines from my yard (and I use the term all very liberally) I looked up and this caught my eye. I carefully peeked inside to find these eggs. Almost every year we find a nest in the yard (different places) and it's so fun to watch the progress. I hope to get another pic tomorrow to see if anything has popped out. I get so excited!

And the newest hobby is sewing - probably start with some home decor type stuff. Is over the bobbin fear but not real excited about a pattern - more of a free-hand girl myself. This is the camera cover I made today (actually the second one because I cut my seams too short and they "ripped") for myself. The previous post shows the one I made for Melissa. Amazingly I did this one without assistance.

Hope you are having a great moment whether it's morning or night. Thanks for stopping by and tell a friend. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

First "Official" Sewing Project :)

So this is SUPER exciting on many levels. I conquered my fear of re-threading my bobbin! I know that sounds silly to some of you more experienced sewers but it is what has kept me from activly persuing this hobby for some time. Secondly, I was able to make this really great present for a VERY SPECIAL lady in my life. Third, it shows me that I probably could be relatively decent at sewing and then boy my imagination/lists of future projects kicks in - LOOK OUT here I come...hee hee.

Just wanted to share this accomplishment with you all - of course I had to incorporate some scrapbook techniques in the gift giving/packaging process. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cards & Flowers

So what could be better than a card with some flowers? Today I'm sharing two card ideas that are relatively quick and can use some of the supplies you have on hand - cause we know you got 'em!

First up is one for sweet Tori (who turned TWO this month - unbelievable!) I used a solid cardstock and did a version of a bi-fold for her. The hello cutie is from K&Co as well as the hearts. The cardstock is standard. I just mounted the chipboard sticker to a solid white then double matted with pink. Then I cut a strip of white approx .5 to .75 thick and adhered the ribbon to it. Basically making a sleeve for the bi-fold card.

This is what the the sleeve looks like from the back. The white/ribbon strip was adhered to the back of the chipboard mounting so the back had a smooth look. I added cardstock to the inside along with our Birthday message and then slid the sleeve on.

Another perspective. Here you can see how the strip is adhered.

Here is a quick "standard" card for my hair-dresser who recently got married. She got married on the beach so I thought the teal/blue was fitting. A little bling never hurts either!

Now to the flowers - I know you think the pic is messed up but really, it is that orange/flourescent almost. Really pretty!

Here is a bouquet for my mantle - at some point the thorns become worth it and the first clipping of the year is surely that time. Love fresh flowers in the house!

Here is the Spartan Iris that we just planted last week but is blooming already - the kids think it's cool how fast that happens (and actually, I do too.)

We've been kinda busy but I do have more activity shots for ya but thought you might like something creative today. Hope to be back tomorrow - until then, enjoy every minute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We go on some "Wild Adventures"

WARNING: there are ALOT of pics here but I wanted to get it done in one post and hopefully (PLEASE, LORD PLEASE) get some scrappy stuff done today (along with lesson plans, piano lessons, and soccer practice!) Anyway, the first few days of Spring Break we went to Wild Adventures with some friends of ours... we had alot of fun so see for yourself. Some of these will just crack you UP!

David trying to explain what the ride will do - little did he know we hadn't watched the ride and it was quite the "spinny" ride - so glad I didn't do that one!

This is just before he took off on the formerly titled Double Shot. He wasn't scared and rode it four times in a row so I'm not sure what this moment of reflection was about but glad I got it on "film"

Can't forget the "silly face picture"

It's so fun watching them - the anticipation is the worst part. LOVE that face!

These next two are classics to my children - he's staring up trying to figure out why his car won't work like it's supposed to.....

She waits impatiently with NO CLUE why his car won't work! The story of their lives.

O.K. - this is David's fav of the trip. I snuck my camera onto the little roller coaster to try and get a close-up of his face - I think it worked.

For some reason on Day Two he was convinced it was his day to volunteer at the petting zoo. He was VERY serious about it and said we could just drop him off and come back later. Uh, NO WAY! He brushed every animal in the place and finally decided on his own to leave - apparently his shift was over! If you could've only seen how serious he was about this.

The LONG, LONG, LONG awaited turn on the go-carts.

Just "hangin' out" I love how casual she looks just spinning around so high in the air without a care in the world.

Well, that's all (not really but I don't you don't want to see ALL of them) so I'm off to do some work, some scrappy stuff, and whatever else needs to be done in the meantime. Hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

He is Alive!

Jesus is alive and well - tell everyone you see, oh, tell them for me! We are so blessed to be celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. I know this was a week ago but I'm still enjoying the lovliness of it all. I often wonder which Holiday is more significant - Christmas or Resurrection Sunday? One he was born, the other he died and rose again. One couldn't have happened without the other - so they both win!

The boys were the hams for the camera this year - so sweet in the photos!

Even Mason wanted a little limelight - he has to be the most handsome nine year old I know.

We convinced Grandma and Grandpa they needed to be in a pic occasionally and this is what we got. Braden looks like he's gonna choke grandpa but overall it was a rare chance to have a pic with them and all the grandkids at once.

The Newton family cooperated too - Bryan almost smiled - which is no small feat. Melissa did a great job coordinating them all (even hers at the last minute) Such a beautiful group they are.

Bryan and I looked like we tried to coordinate - see the lack of smile?

Taylor wanted a pic of just she and Abbi - I see here how Abbi's baby look is going away and on comes the "akward" adolescent years. Lord help me!

Here is the Legg clan men: David striking the JC PEnney pose.

All the Legg ladies - even Mamaw!

We really are so blessed! Enjoy the photos and I hope to have some scrappy stuff to share soon - I'm going through withdrawals if truth were known. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

5K Pride ~

She had to have been the cutest runner there! I loved her shirt that our friend Mrs. Shellie got her for Christmas and I kept it for just this day (it says "your pace or mine?" Way FUN!

Here is Mrs. Shellie who got us "into this mess" in the first place with her son Steven Thomas. This is clearly pre-race since there are no evident signs of sweat or distress.

This is post race with her medal and more importantly her water. About mile 1.5 she got really thirsty and if it was in her DNA she would've quit. But, since it's not she just complained for the next 1.5 miles (which is clearly more in her DNA - love all you Newtons but you know what I mean!) The final stretch she really kicked it in when she saw the crowd and heard the cheers - she also loved being cheered on my Aunt Melissa! She crossed line shortly before her mother - in 36 min 42 sec.

Post-race photo. Note the change in appearance?

The coolest part was that while I waited with Shellie's daughter, Abbi ran the Bunny-Hop which was another .5 mile and cheered on Steven Thomas. This was his first race too!

Over all it was a fun day and we enjoyed doing it together - I hope there are many more to come in our future. I heard a study the other day that said if you don't get a girl exercising by the age of nine she most likely will not - so proud of Abbi!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Let the Festivites Begin ~

The Easter festivities have begun! It's such a challenge to keep Christ in any holiday and Easter/Resurrection Sunday is no exception. With bunnies, eggs and candy everwhere ~ it certainly takes work! We are so grateful for our salvation and I NEVER want my children to think this holiday is about anything else. It's fine to hunt the eggs, eat that chocolate and even wear new clothes but it's not about that. Our entire lives would be in vain without the birth, death, and RESURRECTION of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

If you are new here, take the time to get to know Jesus ~ he's the BEST FRIEND you could ever have.

I did get the chance to attend Braden's egg hunt at school. They did the "bunny-out-of-a-milk-jug" trick (pretty sure that's what we did in K-garten and I'm not saying how many years ago that was!) He had a blast! What kid doesn't love guaranteed candy?

Last night Abbi and I made these eggs out of Rice Krispie treats. We dipped them in chocolate and then sprinkled them. She loved it - her exact words were "and they're homemade!" Marshmallow treats are not rocket science but don't tell her - she thinks I'm amazing!

We took an empty egg carton and cut it into three equal sections and placed the eggs in them. We wrapped them in plastic wrap and tied with a bow - Perfect for their teachers treat!

BTW - I'm still stepping on those sprinkles this morning - OUCH!
Hopefully I'll have a chance to post Abbi's pics from the race tomorrow - still can't wait to see if three miles "really doesn't sound that hard" after she does it!
Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just call us Tourists!

So a few weeks ago we had our 13th Anniversary - I know that doesn't sound like that much to some but with what I see all around me - I am incredibly grateful!!!!

This trip we went to New Orleans (NOLA) and played the whole tourist thing up to the hilt. We started of by visiting the Red Bay Grocery (on the news because the city residents came to it's rescue and it's a conglomerate (sp?) now) They had lost of old fashioned stuff and served AMAZING bbq. If you're ever that way stop by just to take a peek.

Probably the most touristy thing we did this time was the swamp tour - and being the "GATOR" fan that I am, it was pretty cool. I know we live in Florida, I know we've all seen gators, but I never tire of the natural habitat and seeing animals in it. AND, we didn't lose any body parts!

He looks pretty cool I thought. I think that's just leaves around his mouth - yep, still 10 fingers for me!

This was the baby (don't just the clothes, it was 50 degrees and windy on the bayou) and he was unbelievably soft on his belly.

Next we visited Oaks Alley Plantation. The property was huge and I can only imagine what this would've looked like when all the trees were in full glory. STUNNING I'm sure.

Just love this camera! The bird taking his "bird bath"

Hope you enjoyed them. Easter has created a flurry of activity but hopefully I'll have some scrappy stuff soon (I certainly need the time!) Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all!!!