Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Remember ...

Sometimes we need to be reminded how great our kids are. If you don't have children yet, you might find this hard to believe or think it sounds like I'm a terrible mom. We have had an incredibly busy time recently around here and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. With all that going on, occasionally we can forget, so I stole this blog idea from http:// I love her journaling style - how honest she is! Check her out if you haven't discovered her yet.

she . . .

... is a nurturer through and through
... is a little too big for her britches
... is a total rule follower (minus the attitude)
... works hard to do her school work well - makes straight A's!
... sometimes enjoys tattling on her brothers (cause it makes her look good, except she doesn't realize how no one likes a tattle tale)
... is going through a real tough time attitude wise
... but loves as hard as anybody I know.
... has the most beautiful green eyes.

I love her and yet struggle because she's so much like me - I look for the good but it's harder to see because which of us likes to brag on themselves?

He ...

... is so handsome (how could I forget that you ask, the attitude can mask it!)
... is super smart and doesn't seem to forget anything he learns. BLOWS me away!
... enjoys being by himself (didn't get that from his mama)
... took a walk through the woods yesterday - discovered a stream and wild blackberries - he LOVED it - all by himself.
... only wants to do what he wants to do - everything else is "adults torturing kids for fun!"
... loves to read but struggles to stay with what is approved. Wants to read Percy Jackson so bad and sometimes I wonder if he sneaks it at school.
...thinks his little brother gets to do all the fun stuff. Clearly doesn't remember his life when he was five.

The smallest he ... sooo stinkin' cute! the most well-rounded of them all. a little sports, a little school, and LOT of personality.
...wants to be whatever age his siblings are. almost six and wants a basketball goal (we've been watching playoffs and High School Musical)
...still throws a tantrum every now and again - just started stomping his feet again - ugh!
..still loves to hold my hand (here is where my heart melts)
... sings/hums/talks CONSTANTLY! I wish I could really portray how his mouth never stops, i mean NEVER! (o.k. - so he got it honestly - but i think he got a worse does of it)

So take some time today to remember all the good things in the people you know and love - it'll make your day brighter!

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