Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just call us Tourists!

So a few weeks ago we had our 13th Anniversary - I know that doesn't sound like that much to some but with what I see all around me - I am incredibly grateful!!!!

This trip we went to New Orleans (NOLA) and played the whole tourist thing up to the hilt. We started of by visiting the Red Bay Grocery (on the news because the city residents came to it's rescue and it's a conglomerate (sp?) now) They had lost of old fashioned stuff and served AMAZING bbq. If you're ever that way stop by just to take a peek.

Probably the most touristy thing we did this time was the swamp tour - and being the "GATOR" fan that I am, it was pretty cool. I know we live in Florida, I know we've all seen gators, but I never tire of the natural habitat and seeing animals in it. AND, we didn't lose any body parts!

He looks pretty cool I thought. I think that's just leaves around his mouth - yep, still 10 fingers for me!

This was the baby (don't just the clothes, it was 50 degrees and windy on the bayou) and he was unbelievably soft on his belly.

Next we visited Oaks Alley Plantation. The property was huge and I can only imagine what this would've looked like when all the trees were in full glory. STUNNING I'm sure.

Just love this camera! The bird taking his "bird bath"

Hope you enjoyed them. Easter has created a flurry of activity but hopefully I'll have some scrappy stuff soon (I certainly need the time!) Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all!!!

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