Saturday, April 10, 2010

5K Pride ~

She had to have been the cutest runner there! I loved her shirt that our friend Mrs. Shellie got her for Christmas and I kept it for just this day (it says "your pace or mine?" Way FUN!

Here is Mrs. Shellie who got us "into this mess" in the first place with her son Steven Thomas. This is clearly pre-race since there are no evident signs of sweat or distress.

This is post race with her medal and more importantly her water. About mile 1.5 she got really thirsty and if it was in her DNA she would've quit. But, since it's not she just complained for the next 1.5 miles (which is clearly more in her DNA - love all you Newtons but you know what I mean!) The final stretch she really kicked it in when she saw the crowd and heard the cheers - she also loved being cheered on my Aunt Melissa! She crossed line shortly before her mother - in 36 min 42 sec.

Post-race photo. Note the change in appearance?

The coolest part was that while I waited with Shellie's daughter, Abbi ran the Bunny-Hop which was another .5 mile and cheered on Steven Thomas. This was his first race too!

Over all it was a fun day and we enjoyed doing it together - I hope there are many more to come in our future. I heard a study the other day that said if you don't get a girl exercising by the age of nine she most likely will not - so proud of Abbi!

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