Monday, April 12, 2010

He is Alive!

Jesus is alive and well - tell everyone you see, oh, tell them for me! We are so blessed to be celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. I know this was a week ago but I'm still enjoying the lovliness of it all. I often wonder which Holiday is more significant - Christmas or Resurrection Sunday? One he was born, the other he died and rose again. One couldn't have happened without the other - so they both win!

The boys were the hams for the camera this year - so sweet in the photos!

Even Mason wanted a little limelight - he has to be the most handsome nine year old I know.

We convinced Grandma and Grandpa they needed to be in a pic occasionally and this is what we got. Braden looks like he's gonna choke grandpa but overall it was a rare chance to have a pic with them and all the grandkids at once.

The Newton family cooperated too - Bryan almost smiled - which is no small feat. Melissa did a great job coordinating them all (even hers at the last minute) Such a beautiful group they are.

Bryan and I looked like we tried to coordinate - see the lack of smile?

Taylor wanted a pic of just she and Abbi - I see here how Abbi's baby look is going away and on comes the "akward" adolescent years. Lord help me!

Here is the Legg clan men: David striking the JC PEnney pose.

All the Legg ladies - even Mamaw!

We really are so blessed! Enjoy the photos and I hope to have some scrappy stuff to share soon - I'm going through withdrawals if truth were known. :)

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