Friday, April 2, 2010

Let the Festivites Begin ~

The Easter festivities have begun! It's such a challenge to keep Christ in any holiday and Easter/Resurrection Sunday is no exception. With bunnies, eggs and candy everwhere ~ it certainly takes work! We are so grateful for our salvation and I NEVER want my children to think this holiday is about anything else. It's fine to hunt the eggs, eat that chocolate and even wear new clothes but it's not about that. Our entire lives would be in vain without the birth, death, and RESURRECTION of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

If you are new here, take the time to get to know Jesus ~ he's the BEST FRIEND you could ever have.

I did get the chance to attend Braden's egg hunt at school. They did the "bunny-out-of-a-milk-jug" trick (pretty sure that's what we did in K-garten and I'm not saying how many years ago that was!) He had a blast! What kid doesn't love guaranteed candy?

Last night Abbi and I made these eggs out of Rice Krispie treats. We dipped them in chocolate and then sprinkled them. She loved it - her exact words were "and they're homemade!" Marshmallow treats are not rocket science but don't tell her - she thinks I'm amazing!

We took an empty egg carton and cut it into three equal sections and placed the eggs in them. We wrapped them in plastic wrap and tied with a bow - Perfect for their teachers treat!

BTW - I'm still stepping on those sprinkles this morning - OUCH!
Hopefully I'll have a chance to post Abbi's pics from the race tomorrow - still can't wait to see if three miles "really doesn't sound that hard" after she does it!
Happy Good Friday!

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