Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost 2 Weeks...Really????

So I didn't realize it had been TWO weeks - was thinking more like one or so - sorry!

I have worked at the school in the first grade everyday this last week and just getting used to that is quite an exhausting task - Love the kids but man it is hard to be with 18 all day long and then come home to three of my own with very much patience at all - gotta work on that.

On to more exciting (and cute) things - our first grade won a field trip and chose Rock-it Lanes. Super cute to have 60 or so 6 year olds bowling and skating.

Here is my man and his friend Zachary - can't have the pics without the bunny ears right?

Look how much fun she was having - she is our neighbor and Braden's new best friend.

And these little prisses in the making are just too much. Poor Abby is about to throw out her hip in that pose and the one with the yellow headband has captured Braden's little heart - she is Alli. I think she may show up somwhere on this blog in times to come.

Hope to be back tomorrow with some crafty stuff. Have a great week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Life in Lists . . .

Any one else ever feel this way? Your life can be defined by one HUGE list. Mine always feels like an ever evolving "to do" list but the other day while in Books-a-Million I ran across these two "books" which I think will be appearing on my Christmas List somewhere.

One of the greatest reasons I scrapbook is for history. I do not keep a diary/journal well at all - I have the best intentions but those quickly go out the window each evening when sleep calls just a bit louder. I have tried so many times it is just ridiculous. However, I thought these books would be cool. I could even rip them out and make a scrapbook page with them if time allowed and desire hit me (surely it would at some point)

The one on the right was a bit more exhaustive but it was such a cute "journal" of lists. Two really great things in one that didn't require them to be done chronologically (which most of you know is a must around here!) and would be a glimpse into my heart/mind right now.

So to leave you today (since there isn't a crafty thing to show 'cause I made two cards this weekend, neither of which go their picture taken - ugh!) with this phrase:

"A Clean House is a sign of a Wasted Life!" I must be living it up then:) Happy Monday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a Hodge Podge Friday!

So I did it! I actually linked up on the actual day - I normally procrastinate and then it's too late! Go check out this cool blog: HodgePodgeLife There are so many cool people doing really great stuff! Let me know if you see mine!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where I Am Right Now ...

* TOTALLY over Halloween! I hate this holiday and wish it didn't exist!!! I am so ready to move on to Thanksgiving and may just do so without any one else's permission:)
*is trying to decide on the wrapping paper/color scheme for Christmas so I can begin making gift tags - Lisa, I'm thinking of you here!
*is working to keep life in balance. Realizing that on the scales it takes alot more on the "God" side of the scales than the "world" side of the scales. Someone said blend - not balance. Not sure how I feel about that but I'm thinking on it.
*working to keep the right perspective on the things going on around me.
*praying for miracles - not small ones, BIG, HUGE ones. I know they aren't huge to God but they sure seem HUGE to me.
*enjoying spending alot of time at the kid's school. They totally light up when they see me - how cool is that?!?
*enjoying my sweet girl tell her brother "Desperate times call for desperate measures" you know what that means "You gotta do what you gotta do!" I LOVE that girl:)

And since a post can't go without a pic - and my sister borrowed my camera to get herself some good pics (BTW - hope that worked out) I have an older one that might make you laugh - My chef trying to clean up "all" his mess!

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribute to "Tator Bug"

So as most of you know, we recently celebrated Taylor's (left) 4th Birthday. She is such a sweet girl - sometime she's moody like her daddy - hee hee! - but she has a great heart, she's a big helper and we just LOVE her.

She started her "party day" by watching Abbi & Mason play soccer. It wasn't a very exciting game - felt bad for them - final score was 0-0. But I think they still had fun playing around. Here they are walking our way and I couldn't resist this sweet photo op!

Here is another cute one - I love how Taylor's eyes are "squinched" trying to really concentrate on what Braden is showing her.

Here she is opening "our" present. I made her a matching skirt like I did Abbi a few weeks back - but added a little t-shirt with her initial on it. She wore it the next day and was totally cute! Of course!!!

The most fun thing at Pump-it-Up is this slide - can't you tell?

A quick shot of the cousins~

I didn't buy her this toy - but man I wish I would've! I love how much she loved it and I love thinking of the fun my brother will have listening to her enjoy it - life is SWEET!

And I guess this is how you feel when you don't get to sit in the big chair and eat your cake!

Taylor we love you and can't believe how quickly you're growing. You are the sweetest little girl!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I think it's here!?!

Fall that is! Maybe, we can "cross our fingers" can't we? The weather today is AMAZING! and my children actually went out to play without being forced or threatened with punishment - that too is AMAZING considering the hottest summer in what feels like forever. So, I had this card to make, a little late for World Card Making Day but it needed to be made. Today's cooler weather inspired me to go fall for it.

SUPPLIES: American Crafts (plaid paper and striped flair), alphas by October Afternoon, Pebbles for the brad, ribbon (paper & actual) is Hobby Lobby.

This one came together very, very quickly (less than 15 min - honestly!) Hope you like it!

And here is glimpse of what we do on fall days - we apparently take the Dominoes on the front porch and play with them there. I took this through my front door because I didn't want to mess it up by them knowing I was taking a photo. Love how well these two play together!

Off to organize! I was inspired by this blog and so I'm off to tackle Braden's closet and all the "hand-me-downs" from Mason. Enjoy this weather - I think I might open some windows while I'm at it.