Friday, April 29, 2011

Giveaway winner + more inspiration...

SSOOOOOOO.....drumroll please .......... the very randomly picked winner is:

Yay for Emily! Let me know how/when you want to get your goodies and they are yours!

Next week I hope to have sorted out some more stuff and am considering giving away my original Cricut to one lucky reader - thinking maybe once I hit 25 readers so be sure to tell all your friend - I would appreciate it!

So today's Teacher Appreciation Inspiration is another little goodie rom Bath & Body - portable scent/air freshener! Ever smelled those kiddos after they have had recess of P.E. - you need some fresh air- LOL!

Start with the freshener that looks like this - it's great because they can hang it just about anywhere in the room and out of reach of tiny hands.

I made another little wording: "You have been SCENT-sational!" (Get it scent?) I printed it on cardstock and then punched it with a scalloped circle punch (1 7/8 inch) and then mounted it with a solid blue and punched that with a second punch (2 5/16).

I tried to use a relatively coordinating ribbon and tied it to the back. This took me outside my box cause I would've prefered the tag be readable from the front of the give but there was no good way to tie it on.

This is the finished product - hands are shakey today but I'm sure you get the point.

Thanks so much for playing along so far, I still have a few more Teacher gifts to share so stay tuned!

Happy Weekend:0

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teacher Appreciation (there may be a theme here?)

As the week begins to unfold you may see a theme in my gifts to the kiddos teachers - maybe?!? One of the things I wanted to try to do was give them things that would help them in the classroom. For today's gift - something a classroom can never have too much of.......

Hand Sanitizer!

So I took advantage of B & BW when they had a sale - think ahead people when possible:)

(sorry the pic isn't so great but you see the point!)

Then I printed the words "HANDS DOWN we think you're the best!!!" onto white cardstock. I then had Braden put his hand over it, I traced it and cut it out. I then mounted the white hand onto a coordinating piece of cardstock and trimed it to fit the hand. Finally, we finished it off with an elastic bow (in coordinating colors, of course!) and voia - a $5 gift for day two!

Don't forget to go to the previous post & comment for the giveaway - cute stuff!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Wednesday:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Giveaway + Teacher Appreciation

So here it is (a bit later than I hoped since we have had computer "issues"). I promised I would be giving away some goodies here since I am trying to do a bit of spring cleaning. Habits change and styles change and so here I am with way more stuff than I'll ever use.

This first giveaway consists of a Creative Memories scrapbook tote filled with over 50 sheets of assorted papers! There is GCD, Creative Memories, Colorbok, and more! All you have to do is leave me a comment - it can be about anything you want.

Here is the inside of the tote:

and a shot of all the papers - oh and there i a mini album in there too!

Only catch is you must be local where I can get it to you without it costing a fortune to ship. Thanks for following my corner of the world!

Now, if you have little ones in school (or big ones too I guess) you probably already know Teacher Appreciation is right upon us (1st week of May). Last year we did a 4-part series on that and this the first one of this year - trying not to do the exact same things!

Here is gift #1 - to do list and note cards. I purchased both of these items at Michaels in their dolloar section and the ribbon was left over from my fall wreath so this only cost me $2 (nothing immediately since I actually thought ahead!)

I simply tied the two together with the "coordinating" ribbon and then put on a tag that reads:

Take NOTE: We think you're amazing!

Quite simple, quick, but effective I think. Come back tomorrow for another!

Don't forget to comment for the giveaway - I will pick a random number first thing Friday a.m. - Good Luck!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a simple card..and a lifetime love

A very sweet lady we know from church recently had surgery and this is her get well card. Very easy! I used the patterned paper with the cricket and cut out the sentiment (this would clearly work with any words of encouragement) and then placed a piece of solid cardstock behind it so the letters show through. Placed the two of those on a white folded cardstock and there was a simple card. I added some flowers/pearls for embellishment (cause that's just how I roll!) I'd love to see what you have made! Maybe even something I have inspired:)

On my last post a shared some of my sister's wedding pics..this time I will share some of my "14th honeymoon" pics. When we finally arrived to Amelia Island it was pretty dark.. but beauty doesn't end when the sun goes down. Here is a lovely picture (or so it was in real life) of the moon reflecting off the ocean (it really was the ocean this time) with the palm trees blowing in front of it. What a blessing to spend time with my love in the ocean breezes!

I was very disciplined this time and went for a run 3 or 4 days of the five we were gone - had to make up for the great food somehow.

Here is Cheesecake Factory on our actual anniversary after a day of shopping. Oh, How I love this man. Want to know why.......

He will wash my stinky running clothes in the tub of the b &b! (Not that that's the only reason but a man who will do this for you will surely do about anything;)

Atlantic Ocean view from our room (call me bias but I still think our beaches are prettier)

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget I will sharing some of the items I am clearing out tomorrow and will start the giveaways on Monday. Even considering my original Cricut to be in the mix so tell all your friends to follow - only need 4 more!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wedded Bliss

SooO, in honor of nearly a month of wedded bliss for my sister and Shawn, I give you the following photos. I liked the shot - different perspective/angle. What happesn when you give Tori a cupcake - priceless! Grand exit:)

I loved this pic of Teresa - isn't she sooo pretty?!?

Off they go!

Hope you enjoyed - maybe something crafty next time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring cookies and climbing a tree (retold)

Nope, not crazy - just WAY behind on blogging and hate to overwhelm you in one layout with like 50 pics. Here are some I didn't post about when Taylor spend the night during Spring Break. We made cookies (well I made and then they decorated) I was so happy to have had bunny rabbits and some gel and sprinkles. Taylor was very clear on her color palette. I will save you the play-by-play but here are Abbi's finished bunnies.

They enjoyed themselves and for the most part they still resembled bunnies when it was all over.

Here they enjoyed a "pushie ride" (Braden's term from when he was small) Involves big kids pulling the little ones on the hard wood. LOTS of laughs!

Followed by a fun game of hide and seek. I don't usually recommend this in the house but the kids did great with it. I loved that Taylor didn't peek and was just so patient with her counting.

Here is one of Daddy helping her up the tree. He was so careful and was worried she would fall. Scraped his foot pretty bad trying to get down before she made her way down.

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

Dear Family - hope you enjoyed these!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick Sympathy Card

Just a quick card for today. This went to one of our teachers at school. Basic but I used a grey background and then some older GCD Studios papers. Love reversible paper because it usually coordinates so well with the opposing side. I did one thing here that I am not normally into - I cut out a "flower" and then layered it (basically matted it) and then for a extra touch used the bezeled jewel brad. (FYI - these cause higher postage cost but in this case it was totally worth it!) So if you're thinking of someone today - tell them! Happy Weekend:)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yeah - two days in a row (but don't get used to it!) Just kidding - I am however getting into a groove again after the ridiculousness that last Saturday was - more on that in another post! About a month or so ago, I decided I was finally gonna do a fashion remake on one of Abbi's dresses. Now please imagine that I took this picture prior to actually cutting the dress. I measured how much length I needed based on her height. She is tall and it is super hard to find things that are long enough without being ridiculously big all over (must be liking the word ridiculous about now) So I measured that length and added a couple inches for the waist seam/elastic, etc. Folded it over, made a pocket, inserted elastic and..... Wala! A new skirt for Sunday. She got a new white cardigan and tank to go with it and it took this originally fallish dress and made it a skirt! I have to say she was excited and I was pretty proud as well. I hate wasting things! Even used the original tie-backs to make this cute hair rosette!

Sorry the pics are not the best - gonna start a class the next three Mondays to learn how to use MY camera! Woo Hoo - early Mother's Day or Birthday gift for me:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Showers of Love - hee he!

I know CHEEZY title - couldn't resist! I won't bore you with what caused it to take FOREVER to blog these (or any other) pictures. I will just shut-up and let you enjoy them. My lovely sister was married on March 19th and these are photos from her bridal shower. It was sweet and intimate with a real focus on what really makes marriages work which was very refreshing. She's joining a father with his three children and we know there will be some tough days ahead ... but the cleaning products around her home will remind her just how to handle her man! Here she is with her cake.
Purple was the color!

A real show of love from her friends.

The mother-in-law and daugher to be (well already are now!)

The bride and Mrs. Holly - the "Jill of all Trades!"

Teresa - hope you enjoyed these and sorry I am soooo far behind!