Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Showers of Love - hee he!

I know CHEEZY title - couldn't resist! I won't bore you with what caused it to take FOREVER to blog these (or any other) pictures. I will just shut-up and let you enjoy them. My lovely sister was married on March 19th and these are photos from her bridal shower. It was sweet and intimate with a real focus on what really makes marriages work which was very refreshing. She's joining a father with his three children and we know there will be some tough days ahead ... but the cleaning products around her home will remind her just how to handle her man! Here she is with her cake.
Purple was the color!

A real show of love from her friends.

The mother-in-law and daugher to be (well already are now!)

The bride and Mrs. Holly - the "Jill of all Trades!"

Teresa - hope you enjoyed these and sorry I am soooo far behind!

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