Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teacher Appreciation (there may be a theme here?)

As the week begins to unfold you may see a theme in my gifts to the kiddos teachers - maybe?!? One of the things I wanted to try to do was give them things that would help them in the classroom. For today's gift - something a classroom can never have too much of.......

Hand Sanitizer!

So I took advantage of B & BW when they had a sale - think ahead people when possible:)

(sorry the pic isn't so great but you see the point!)

Then I printed the words "HANDS DOWN we think you're the best!!!" onto white cardstock. I then had Braden put his hand over it, I traced it and cut it out. I then mounted the white hand onto a coordinating piece of cardstock and trimed it to fit the hand. Finally, we finished it off with an elastic bow (in coordinating colors, of course!) and voia - a $5 gift for day two!

Don't forget to go to the previous post & comment for the giveaway - cute stuff!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Wednesday:)

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