Thursday, April 21, 2011

a simple card..and a lifetime love

A very sweet lady we know from church recently had surgery and this is her get well card. Very easy! I used the patterned paper with the cricket and cut out the sentiment (this would clearly work with any words of encouragement) and then placed a piece of solid cardstock behind it so the letters show through. Placed the two of those on a white folded cardstock and there was a simple card. I added some flowers/pearls for embellishment (cause that's just how I roll!) I'd love to see what you have made! Maybe even something I have inspired:)

On my last post a shared some of my sister's wedding pics..this time I will share some of my "14th honeymoon" pics. When we finally arrived to Amelia Island it was pretty dark.. but beauty doesn't end when the sun goes down. Here is a lovely picture (or so it was in real life) of the moon reflecting off the ocean (it really was the ocean this time) with the palm trees blowing in front of it. What a blessing to spend time with my love in the ocean breezes!

I was very disciplined this time and went for a run 3 or 4 days of the five we were gone - had to make up for the great food somehow.

Here is Cheesecake Factory on our actual anniversary after a day of shopping. Oh, How I love this man. Want to know why.......

He will wash my stinky running clothes in the tub of the b &b! (Not that that's the only reason but a man who will do this for you will surely do about anything;)

Atlantic Ocean view from our room (call me bias but I still think our beaches are prettier)

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget I will sharing some of the items I am clearing out tomorrow and will start the giveaways on Monday. Even considering my original Cricut to be in the mix so tell all your friends to follow - only need 4 more!

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