Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life in the "Strenuous" Lane

So I should really be doing something else right now but I wanted to poke my head back into the blog world even if only for a minute. We have been crazy for the last bit and no signs of slowing down at least until next week. It's ok - manageable (for now) - just crazy busy! I took this pic of the sign at Amacalola Falls in Blue Ridge on our Georgia vacation last week. Sometimes life is strenuous - no way around it - but with Jesus holding our hand we will make it to the top!

There will be many little pics of our vacay thrown in over the next few posts - we had an amazing time despite injured toes, bicycle falls, and mini-meltdowns (each of us had at least one, even the grown-ups!) But as the pics will show, God's creation is gorgeous and full of great joy!

Happy Wednesday
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Subway Art

So FINALLY I finished it! I have been seeing this type art projects for over a year now in blog land and I think they are really cool - and wanted to do one for the house. However, life is busy and it took some time so I decided instead of doing one for a particular holiday (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter) I would do a full season so the time pressure wasn't so much.

Next thought - I need some decor for around the pool/patio/etc. So I decided on subway art for the "backyard" activities. And here it is.....
It includes many of the things that take place in our backyard. I used my cricut to make the stencils in all different fonts and sizes. I used paper - not what I would recommend when doing this project. The paper gets wet from the paint and sometimes leaves pieces behind.

This project is made of 2X4 pieces of wood = way too heavy! Maybe outside it will be fine but inside i think 1X4 would be good or even a canvas. Here is a shot of the back where the strips of moulding type wood were nailed to keep it all together.

I painted three layers on here. The first was a chocolate brown, the next was the light aqua, and the last the sage/mossy green. These are the colors of our patio furniture so it should look great. I didn't try to get all the uneven places on the wood perfection and that was he point. I like the aqua showing through and maybe as it wears some of the brown will show through also. Hope you like it - it's on my list of 37 things for this year - "create all those beauties I've been admiring on blogs" Hope you like it!

p.s. - we will be going out of town on Saturday for a week and I hope to get some scheduled posts but if not - see you after a relaxing week (fingers crossed!) in the Mountains of Georgia!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Paper & Thread

I have a scrappy post today. I pulled out the sewing machine and changed the thread (my least favorite part of that hobby and the reason why I don't do it as often - lame - I know!) to do some 4th of July shirts for the children, to be shared in a later post as I forgot to take photos before they were actually on said children. And since my thread was white it worked "perfectly" on this layout.

Now as you look at this layout you may not recognize these people. It's o.k., you're not going crazy! This is my super fun military customer who is currently stationed in Italy. She and her cute little family get to go all kinds of AMAZING places and she gives me the honor of preserving those memories.

I have done most of the album in real travel inspired, neutral-ish colors but the bathing suit and water in this one was calling for some color. I mimic the suns rays and "mounted" the pic of her daughter and then tied it in with the title block.

Instead of a drawn line border, double zig-zag stitch worked great.

These suns rays were hand drawn and crafted by yours truly, Intended to be a bit "abstract" but I think they worked out pretty well.

Whether it's stitching or not, I hope this post inspires you to pull out an old tool and use it again. Happy Monday.

Monday, July 4, 2011


grateful for my freedom.

grateful to be able to serve my Lord without fear.

grateful for those who put their lives on the line for my freedom.

grateful to be able to enjoy all that this great world offers.

grateful to be able to make my own choices.

grateful that my husband and children are close at night.

grateful to be able to travel without fear.

grateful to be free to explore.

grateful for all the many blessings I often take for granted.

grateful for even the smallest things that can bring moments of joy.

grateful to be able to express my thankfulness to those of you who either have served in our military, stood by those who have served, lost someone who served, or just said "thank you" to a soldier just passing by.

today, I am grateful.

Happy Independence Day!