Thursday, July 14, 2011

Subway Art

So FINALLY I finished it! I have been seeing this type art projects for over a year now in blog land and I think they are really cool - and wanted to do one for the house. However, life is busy and it took some time so I decided instead of doing one for a particular holiday (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter) I would do a full season so the time pressure wasn't so much.

Next thought - I need some decor for around the pool/patio/etc. So I decided on subway art for the "backyard" activities. And here it is.....
It includes many of the things that take place in our backyard. I used my cricut to make the stencils in all different fonts and sizes. I used paper - not what I would recommend when doing this project. The paper gets wet from the paint and sometimes leaves pieces behind.

This project is made of 2X4 pieces of wood = way too heavy! Maybe outside it will be fine but inside i think 1X4 would be good or even a canvas. Here is a shot of the back where the strips of moulding type wood were nailed to keep it all together.

I painted three layers on here. The first was a chocolate brown, the next was the light aqua, and the last the sage/mossy green. These are the colors of our patio furniture so it should look great. I didn't try to get all the uneven places on the wood perfection and that was he point. I like the aqua showing through and maybe as it wears some of the brown will show through also. Hope you like it - it's on my list of 37 things for this year - "create all those beauties I've been admiring on blogs" Hope you like it!

p.s. - we will be going out of town on Saturday for a week and I hope to get some scheduled posts but if not - see you after a relaxing week (fingers crossed!) in the Mountains of Georgia!

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