Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun & Cute Card

So there's this sweet little boy we know who's having a birthday - so we were "just ridin' by" to say Happy Birthday GRANT!

He's turning five so he's still small enough for the trike but I loved the steering wheel and wheels by Tim Holtz. I also used the brown American Crafts ribbon to add just a touch more whimsy without going girly - hope you like it! The main background is GCD Studios.

Moxie Fab is having a card style challenge through Aug. 2 - you can go HERE for more details and to join in. If you gotta make a card anyway, why not?

Happy Saturday :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

If you just keep trying .....

you might actually win!!! I Did!!! The Giveaway's I've been telling you about - I won Day 3 - ME! - a giftcard to staples (which I will have to use online but who cares?) and a printable party pack for free! It's not too late, today is day 5 and it's a 50$ gift card to PAPER&CAKE and enter - open until midnight.

Off to crop!!!

See you tomorrow and I'll show some of the goodies I put together tonight:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giveaway Day Four:

Hey guys! I know You might be tired of this but it's giveaway day four and I get an extra comment for blogging about this (and also if you go buy and leave a comment and say I sent ya!) Sooo, go HERE and enter a comment for a chance to win - today it's a $50 gift card to Michaels and a printable party pack.

Good Luck!

What has kept me away you ask?

This kept me away! No it shouldn't have taken this long but having three children home for the summer makes anything take three times as long ( I love them but WOW!)

I have been inspired by all the crafty blogs to see what I could do and here is my first every piece of clothing sewn. Not to brag but I am SUPER proud of me - not that there aren't some ridiculously embarrassing incidents throughout this. I sewed things together wrong, wrongside out and any number of other things - let's just say, my newest and dearest friend is my seam-ripper!

In the end it's cute and Abbi LOVES it! Her exclamation was: "FINALLY, I get to wear a homemade outfit!" I'm gonna run with this train as long as she let's me since we all know that will end soon. Here she is posing - hee hee!

Here is the ruffle - she says it's her favorite part:)

And since I clearly don't know how to do button-holes yet, this pattern called for D-rings - which was great.

Sew, maybe you don't want to sew, but maybe do something else crafty today. Hope I inspired you and come back soon for some crafty posts.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Giveaway Day #3

So I told you yesterday about a give away and they have continuing today as well. GoHere and leave a comment to win a $50 staples gift card and a free printable party pack ($15 or so value)

Hope everyone is having a great week - Mine is busy but I guess that's to be expected gearing up for summer (and trying to learn to sew - real stuff!) Hopefully I'll have the lovely outfit ready to photo tonight and I'll blog about what's been holding me up all week from blogging (and just about everything else)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Give away fun!

So I ran across this really neat blog at the end of last week and they are doing a giveaway a day for this week. Today it's a $50 Michael's gift cart and a free printable party pack from Paper&Cake They have really neat stuff for parties/showers/fun decor! Check it out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Something I Forgot (Imagine that!)

So apparently life exploded sometime the week after Braden's birthday party because I forgot to post about it - oops!

This year was his choice - Gymnastics Plus - which is a pretty fantastic deal (despite the sweaty gym smell-ha!) It's short, sweet, FUN, and over in a flash. So I wanted to make a fun cake since we didn't have a "theme" and I had seen this over here and fell in love. Of course, we modified it a bit.

Then we borrowed another friends cupcake stand and each child got their own cupcake.

We learned one very valuable lesson - LifeSaver's do melt in approx. less than 20 minutes when you live in Florida. Despite being stored previously in the fridge and only being in the car for the previously mentioned less than 20 min. My point, if you do this, put the LifeSavers on just prior to the party!

I linked this up here @ It's HodgePodge Life! They have such fun stuff to see - fun, funky, and practical - go check it out!

On to more exciting stuff - the Birthday Boy - being himself - hanging from the "monkey" bars!

This was a great pic - Trenton jumps the bar while stepping outside his "grown-up" self!

And this little cutie being a big girl - totally in her element! Running, jumping, twirling - are you kidding?

Even the big kid couldn't resist - pretty impressed though - don't think I could do it. Actually, I'm certain I would've been on my behind in two seconds flat!

Anything you can do, I can do better:)

I think he liked it?


Sorry to be late, but how you enjoyed them anyhow.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bella Blvd GiveAway

So this is probably my first picture-less post but I wanted to put this on here - check out BellaBlvd They have several new lines out for spring CHA and they are giving some away today. Check it out & put your name in the pot!

Be back later with another post hopefully!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a SAHM experiences in a day .....

I am seriously aware that many houses don't function like ours - HA! However, I wanted to remember some of what takes place in our house. So I thought you might enjoy the laugh (along with the pics) while I jot this down.

Several months ago Mason got in HUGE trouble and we were advised that he needed something to "bog him down" or otherwise keep him occupied and not thinking of the other thing that got him in trouble to start with. We initially assumed that would be something outdoors (and involving Daddy, however, as it turned out, it has been cooking, and involves mostly Mama. To be delight but total shock - he TOTALLY prefers his daddy to his mama. My kids are a bit unusual with their food choices (proud of that) and their love for food tv will become apparent momentarily.

This was the cake we had for our Father's Day Celebration and it's Mason icing it.

Heard: "Mama - where's the zester?" What nine yr old knows what a zester is? Mine!

This was the key lime pie that he zested all those keylimes for - he did great! And it was completely gone by the time our company was.

Braden said: "it's the most beautiful day ever!" Just because he wanted to swim in the RAIN!

Braden: " don't give me lollipops any more - ban me from them." This after my feet were eaten up from the ants who found their way to his lollipop stick. Clearly, I took his advice - no more lollipops for him.

Spoken by Abbi over my shoulder while I was looking at a blog: "they could've dirty iced that cake better" food tv at it's finest I say - it was not dirty iced, it was their attempt at a "rustic" cake.
mama - will you sign me up for piano?
"oh, yeah, i can get that! - oh, how do i buy it?" "do we go to the store and spend our allowance"
"mama, i'm not sure about this"
"i would really love one of those, this is gonna be hard decision making"
"do we have to sit in the Board Room all morning, emphasis on bored!"
Me: "we'll go tomorrow", Braden: "that'll be too long from now and I'll be full and everybody will be saying, hold me, hold me, hold me" Mama, i've made up my mind.
So, if you're ever in a down moment or your prayer list lacks items - add me to it! hee hee!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Card Challenge!!!

I usually have the best intentions but then things get all out of whack - not this time! I had a card to make so I decided to play along with the moxie Fab - Finding Inspiration in a Layout. You should play along too - it's kinda fun!

So this is made with about 80% GCD studios - Meloday Ross goodies. The button/flowers/twine are making memories. The stamp was Michaels - I've been loving the chandliers all over the place and was soo excited to use it here.

Go play along and have a happy day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July - Part One

I love this holiday but somehow it snuck up on me. I had a wreath in mind as well as other decor and it just never happened - i guess there really is ALOT going on.

So with the 4th on a Sunday we had to do a bit of re-arranging and honestly we really had no plans for fireworks until the last minute. Our friends, Steve and Shellie, who own the boat didn't realize Lynn Haven was having Saturday night fireworks until like noon. Which is when we made these plans. It was simple but fun. Exciting but tiring. We have never seen them from the water so it was quite a treat for us.

Here is my crew plus the lovely Bella.

As we traveled through the bay, the sun was setting. What an awesome God we serve who creates such beauty for us to enjoy!

Even better!!!

And He created this beauty too - look at those eyes! I know I sound like Melissa but I know I'm partial too:)

That beauty comes to live with a "diva" pose.

Bella lovin' on Abbi as the fireworks steal the show.

We got to "discuss" each one as they went off - which was our favorite, rainbow or the "squiggly" ones. Mine are the white squiggles. How 'bout you?

Stay tuned for part two! Happy Weekend:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Brick-by-Brick - LEGOLAND!

It appears that we are nearly to the end of our Legg Family Adventure. LegoLand was enjoyed by all with several very memorable experience as you will discover along this post.

"Oh Mama, it's the guy with the crazy hair!" exclaimed the Oldest Child. "We have to take a pic and post it on facebook for Aunt Janet - she asked me to." They remembered his name shortly thereafter but Mama loved the initial response.

Never too far out of sight is the attitude. It lurks nearby always. Here it was on display in full swing - literally swinging around! The reason one might ask: he desired to drive but was too tall - shorter person must ride in the front. Never, ever wonder what this one is feeling.

The mood quickly changed when he was offered another ride by himself. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde this one is.

So the camera was extra busy because the Legg family was stunned by the awe factor of the "statues" This particular dragon protected the "Knight's Tournament"

See all the detail!!! The pics captured of these things could require it's own blog. Imagine the planning and time that these took?!?

Here we see the actual "knights tournament" This took the oldest two on quite a ride - hopefully the video can be posted at some point. It went up and down, round and round, and every which way! THEY loved it!

Braden also rode but at a different level - gentle! He loved it and rode several times.

Lasty the Legg family encountered a most unusual "ride" This fireman's drill was nearly a Biggest Loser challenge. The Lego style firetrucks were on a track and were powered by the pumping motion of the "drivers" Once the drivers reached the "flaming house" the drivers must exit the truck and begin shooting water at the fire through the window.

The Legg Daddy took the children - which probably didn't give much chance of their obtaining first place but proved to be an exercise in teamwork.

Here is Abbigail fighting her fire.

And the final round with the Legg ladies racing to the finish - look at that girl's face!!!!

Thanks for following along today (which if not mistaken is the final "leg" of the trip) There was a short trip to a science museum but the lighting was great and a large portion was spent staring at an IMAX screen about the Hubble telescope so not such great pics there.
Be back soon with something crafty and I'm working on some sewing ideas as well as trying to put some project on the internet. For now, off to prepare for a bridge run - who would've ever thought I would be running - Jennifer, would you have thought it? Nah!

A little something EXTRA!!!

So I thought I'd post this since it's current (as in recently finished as opposed to the timing of the event) This is the twins party last year at Gulf World. When I went shopping for stuff I didn't want to be too "watery" but wanted the colors to "pop" I'm not usually an Anna Griffin fan for the kids because it's so "formal" but I loved the color and the left hand paper actually looked like coral 9at least I thought so. Anyway, This layout took like three days (not straight) and I spent alot of time cutting out details and piecing things together. Even made a rosette - sorta.

Here is a close-up of the rosette - it was sheer ribbon that I just pulled the edge on one side. thise gave me a bit of a challenge adhering it but I think I finally got it. It's on a punched scalloped circle, which is layered behind one of the circles cut out of one of the papers and then topped with another cut-out and a jewel. I tried to keep the silver from the bubbles on the invitation. I felt including the invitation removed a need for alot of random journaling.

Another time consumer was the title. I originally just wanted the teal but it didn't "pop" again the background - can you see the "look" of coral? So then I put it onto the green and coated it with the clear acrylic/glass stuff. Kinda looks like water without being too cheesy.

All paper is Anna Griffin. Black letters= making memories, ribbon & jewels = misc.

Hope you get to do something fun/creative today!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The San Diego Zoo Crew

So Oh My Goodness it's been a week almost since we caught up with the Legg Adventures in California - so sorry about that!

This was one LONG day with ten tired feets at the end of it. For those of you who might be following in the Legg's footsteps one day...just know this one is a FULL, LONG day!

Today we will share some cool creatures - this being one they hadn't seen before - a snake turtle! It literally appears as though they snuck a snake inside a turtle's shell. Weird and cool at the same time.

One of the main events was the discovery of the tigers! Mason wanted to see nothing until he had seen the Tigers - after that he was calm and willing to see anything anyone else did - before that, no patience, no concerns, just the TIGERS!

So this is a really cool creature (most of the time) and the mother loves, loves, loves this photo. She sees it being one that fits into a layout she's had in mind for him about what makes him tick! Picture Tim ????'s products with gears and wheels! The lighting isn't perfect but oh well.

The madre also enjoyed the hippo - could've watched this guy FOREVER - not sure why but just loved it. This water cannon is used as a "toothpick" of sorts. They say he walks away after he's "done" hee hee!

Again, the madre waited long and patiently to see the polar bears. Soo loved God's creatures and seeing them "up close and personal" while still maintaining a glass wall was pretty exciting.

The Legg family did wait for a bit to see the Pandas but they rank right up there behind Shamu (and we won't give that speech again) Maybe it's the color scheme - maybe? This exhibit was set up to keep you moving as some could probably stand there all day. This was the baby.

As Pandas are solitary animals there isn't alot of "affection" from mother to baby. This was the mama rolling the baby over/out of the way as to insure she hadn't missed a treat! Too Funny:)

One cool thing in the zoo that the Legg children especially enjoyed was "surfing" the escalator. Yes, an escalator, outside. Modern technology is stunning at times.

Thanks for stopping by today! Thanks for playing along and hopefully a week won't pass before we catch up again. There is so much going on since the vacation that hasn't even begun to be shared - oh for August 11th (not really but kinda sorta!)