Thursday, July 8, 2010

The San Diego Zoo Crew

So Oh My Goodness it's been a week almost since we caught up with the Legg Adventures in California - so sorry about that!

This was one LONG day with ten tired feets at the end of it. For those of you who might be following in the Legg's footsteps one day...just know this one is a FULL, LONG day!

Today we will share some cool creatures - this being one they hadn't seen before - a snake turtle! It literally appears as though they snuck a snake inside a turtle's shell. Weird and cool at the same time.

One of the main events was the discovery of the tigers! Mason wanted to see nothing until he had seen the Tigers - after that he was calm and willing to see anything anyone else did - before that, no patience, no concerns, just the TIGERS!

So this is a really cool creature (most of the time) and the mother loves, loves, loves this photo. She sees it being one that fits into a layout she's had in mind for him about what makes him tick! Picture Tim ????'s products with gears and wheels! The lighting isn't perfect but oh well.

The madre also enjoyed the hippo - could've watched this guy FOREVER - not sure why but just loved it. This water cannon is used as a "toothpick" of sorts. They say he walks away after he's "done" hee hee!

Again, the madre waited long and patiently to see the polar bears. Soo loved God's creatures and seeing them "up close and personal" while still maintaining a glass wall was pretty exciting.

The Legg family did wait for a bit to see the Pandas but they rank right up there behind Shamu (and we won't give that speech again) Maybe it's the color scheme - maybe? This exhibit was set up to keep you moving as some could probably stand there all day. This was the baby.

As Pandas are solitary animals there isn't alot of "affection" from mother to baby. This was the mama rolling the baby over/out of the way as to insure she hadn't missed a treat! Too Funny:)

One cool thing in the zoo that the Legg children especially enjoyed was "surfing" the escalator. Yes, an escalator, outside. Modern technology is stunning at times.

Thanks for stopping by today! Thanks for playing along and hopefully a week won't pass before we catch up again. There is so much going on since the vacation that hasn't even begun to be shared - oh for August 11th (not really but kinda sorta!)

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