Friday, July 9, 2010

Brick-by-Brick - LEGOLAND!

It appears that we are nearly to the end of our Legg Family Adventure. LegoLand was enjoyed by all with several very memorable experience as you will discover along this post.

"Oh Mama, it's the guy with the crazy hair!" exclaimed the Oldest Child. "We have to take a pic and post it on facebook for Aunt Janet - she asked me to." They remembered his name shortly thereafter but Mama loved the initial response.

Never too far out of sight is the attitude. It lurks nearby always. Here it was on display in full swing - literally swinging around! The reason one might ask: he desired to drive but was too tall - shorter person must ride in the front. Never, ever wonder what this one is feeling.

The mood quickly changed when he was offered another ride by himself. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde this one is.

So the camera was extra busy because the Legg family was stunned by the awe factor of the "statues" This particular dragon protected the "Knight's Tournament"

See all the detail!!! The pics captured of these things could require it's own blog. Imagine the planning and time that these took?!?

Here we see the actual "knights tournament" This took the oldest two on quite a ride - hopefully the video can be posted at some point. It went up and down, round and round, and every which way! THEY loved it!

Braden also rode but at a different level - gentle! He loved it and rode several times.

Lasty the Legg family encountered a most unusual "ride" This fireman's drill was nearly a Biggest Loser challenge. The Lego style firetrucks were on a track and were powered by the pumping motion of the "drivers" Once the drivers reached the "flaming house" the drivers must exit the truck and begin shooting water at the fire through the window.

The Legg Daddy took the children - which probably didn't give much chance of their obtaining first place but proved to be an exercise in teamwork.

Here is Abbigail fighting her fire.

And the final round with the Legg ladies racing to the finish - look at that girl's face!!!!

Thanks for following along today (which if not mistaken is the final "leg" of the trip) There was a short trip to a science museum but the lighting was great and a large portion was spent staring at an IMAX screen about the Hubble telescope so not such great pics there.
Be back soon with something crafty and I'm working on some sewing ideas as well as trying to put some project on the internet. For now, off to prepare for a bridge run - who would've ever thought I would be running - Jennifer, would you have thought it? Nah!

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