Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July - Part One

I love this holiday but somehow it snuck up on me. I had a wreath in mind as well as other decor and it just never happened - i guess there really is ALOT going on.

So with the 4th on a Sunday we had to do a bit of re-arranging and honestly we really had no plans for fireworks until the last minute. Our friends, Steve and Shellie, who own the boat didn't realize Lynn Haven was having Saturday night fireworks until like noon. Which is when we made these plans. It was simple but fun. Exciting but tiring. We have never seen them from the water so it was quite a treat for us.

Here is my crew plus the lovely Bella.

As we traveled through the bay, the sun was setting. What an awesome God we serve who creates such beauty for us to enjoy!

Even better!!!

And He created this beauty too - look at those eyes! I know I sound like Melissa but I know I'm partial too:)

That beauty comes to live with a "diva" pose.

Bella lovin' on Abbi as the fireworks steal the show.

We got to "discuss" each one as they went off - which was our favorite, rainbow or the "squiggly" ones. Mine are the white squiggles. How 'bout you?

Stay tuned for part two! Happy Weekend:)

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