Friday, July 2, 2010

SeaWorld or Bust!

So today we find the Legg Clan at SeaWorld San Diego. See, they have visited SeaWorld Orlando but clearly this place has to be different. This is a bonus photo but shared for a very special reason. Someone once told the Mommy of this group about this idea and she has kept with it ever since. Upon embarking any journey into an unknown or crowded venue, or any opportunity for the family to be purposely or accidentally separated - she takes a pic of the family (which includes their attire) so that she they get lost (the little ones that is) that she will have documentation of what they were wearing - cause clearly she might/would be too distressed at the thought of her missing child to be certain! Maybe this will help someone else too!

On with the adventure! The first stop was the stingray "petting zoo" The twins were in love and could've stayed all day - the little guy - notice his hands retracted and safely at his chest - NO WAY they are slimey!

SeaWorld can require a fair (actually ALOT) of sitting/waiting to ensure a good seat. Here the Legg family Mama is entertaining herself with her newly acquired blackberry - only 'cause she dropped her otherone while exercising and it was BROKE!!!

Shamu was spotted prior to the show but displayed the bent over fin - which made the family sad as it is said that his only occurs following extended time in captivity. Mommy found these animals to be extra intruiging.

Anyone who ever grows weary of Shamu clearly needs their head examined - just our opinion!

Here they were exposed to the mighty pets who did mighty tricks - if you look closely we have a "lassie" dog jumping rope while the companion dog holds the other end - quite amazing actually!

The bond shared/extended during these long ventures was caught by an ever watchful motherly eye. Holding of hands is rare as they age but still very precious:)

Again we discover that the "peace" sign (or some other ridiculous motion made with hands) has returned along with upside down 3-D glasses for an Elmo movie.

After a considerable wait (45 min to be exact) Blue Horizons made it's entry and boy did the family feel it was worth it. There were many ooohhs, ahhhs, and OH MY DID YOU SEE THAT"S! Again, head check if you're bored of this stuff.

Towards the end of the day, the journey landed the family (all but one - Mommy) on a roller coaster of large proportions. Here, the youngest of the clan, looks forward to his turn. If only the mother had been able to capture the end of this ride - the story would look much different. Poor guy!

So we will leave this portion of the journey with a parting shot of Shamu ROCKS - a nighttime version of the show - sheer beauty that can hardly be matched - our opinions have already been expressed about their love for SHAMU. Enough said.

Thanks for going along with us today and please check back soon for Day Four! Wild & Crazy kind of fun it will be.

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