Friday, December 30, 2011

Maybe not so OCD ...

So I took a moment to scrapbook something that has been pretty important to me and I wanted to post it before the new year. Last year I participated in Ali Edwards concept of "one little word". If you haven't seen this before you can go HERE.

This is not a hokey-pokey kind of thing. It is the one thing you want for your year. Last year I needed a gentle reminder that what I did with my time, my life, my energy - was MY CHOICE! So my word for 2011 was choice.
I wrote it a chalkboard that is placed prominantly in our home to remind me as I walked by. I am always feeling guilty for saying NO to things - so I rarely do. Instead, I pile myself up with event after event, task after task, all the while leaving the important things behind (in a manner of speaking). I often reminded myself of it when the phone rang or the email/text came. Sometimes I didn't say no, but the ability within myself to consider it was present.

Did this fix all my life's problems - by no means! But it helped some of them. It allowed me to ask for help when I needed it so that I could spend time doing the "important" things.

My word for 2012 is BALANCE. Now that I know it is my choice - how do I balance what I have chosen? That my friends is a very large "one little word". I hope you think about this and maybe you can use it to help you through what is sure to be an interesting New Year!

Peace to you all.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I am OCD...

I must post things in the order in which they occur! Thus - Christmas will have to wait until I put up these birthday pics.

The twins decided on separate celebrations this year so we did a family lunch after school on their birthday (it was a half day) at Olive Garden.

What I love about this pic is that my children are learning to take photos of things other than people. The wrapping paper, the presents (unopened), etc which I think it cool. Documenting can never be done "wrong".

Here is Grandma's wrapping this year - handmade!

We bought them each a Nook - can you tell they were excited?!?

I won't ruin the excitement of these pictures with the sad story of what happened to their Nooks and how one might (or might not) be severly under the weather. It's what happens when trying to "hide your valuables" when heading into Wal-mart.

Abbi chose a pedicure, lunch and cupcakes with a few close friends. I won't show their faces (cause I haven't asked their parents and am too impatient to wait for permission) but I figured and toe ( and hand) shot would be just fine!

In all, it was a fun day of celebrating with the girls and alot less stress than a huge party. Not sure I would want to forego a party every year but this was a nice change. Happy Thursday everyone and I will post a wonderful layout I did for my niece tomorrow - I am determined to do more scrapbooking this New Year:)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Shirt (and a preview!)

So I have actually done a few things crafty recently - this seems to be one of the hits for sure. I saw this on pinterest a LONG time ago and have had the stuff for a while so now it was time. It is a cute tree design out of ribbon onto a basic red (or whatever color you want) tee shirt. We happen to be a fan of red any time of year.

Here is my model - though she is more the focus here than the shirt:) That smile cracks me up! She is usually squinting and showing all her teeth so we have been practicing to smile with her mouth closed because somehow that has stopped the "ow, the sun is so bright" look (even when there was no sun) She is so pretty!

Here is an upclose of the tree. I would suggest using wide ribbon = less sewing. I cut the bottom loops (5 in all) and then each row became one less loop and about .5 to 1 inch shorter. I AM NOT the best bow maker so we will be adding some sort of rhinestone right in the middle to cover up my knot. TIP*** double sided ribbon is the BOMB! I didn't use it and sorely wished I had thought of it before I was finished.

Merry Christmas to you all - Hope you enjoy your time at the Savior's house and with all your family!

p.s. - this is post 198. On post 200 I will be hosting a give-away! Emily - have your friends follow!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It CANNOT be true!

NOOO!!! It can't be happening - they ARE growing up before my eyes. I don't like it. I DO. NOT. LIKE. IT!!! I once wished they would..... start walking...go potty on their own .... start school ..... dress themselves.....and that list goes on.

Today, ELEVEN years later, I want it all to stop! I am not ready for the next step. Literally. I am not ready for them to not be in children's church anymore. I am not ready for them to head into youth on Friday night. I AM NOT ready for middle school!!!

But I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is ready. He brought us here. It has not been easy every day but there has been sooo much joy along with the sorrow. I just can't imagine how we got here so quickly.


is the biggest goofball in the world!
LOVES his electronics - fav thing right now is his iPod touch.
is sensitive to spiritual things
wants desperately to fit in.
is learning to appreciate his musical abilities.
is more ready for this journey than the rest of us.


is the more serious one.
LOVES soccer and anything outdoors.
is finally becoming a big girly. Painted her own snowflake on her nails! and it was impressive:)
works hard for her grades and fits in easily at school.
is not outwardly affectionate but has a sweet heart.
knows who she wants to be surrounded by and isn't swayed with peer pressure.


am so proud of both of them and just pray that I don't make too many "epic fails" as they call it!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mason and Abbi!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Canada, eh?

So we are back and hopefully getting into some version of normal - Lord knows this past week wasn't it but maybe next week will be better?!? I was informed that my blog was lacking so I thought my first order would be to share some of our Canada trip photos today. This was one of the most relaxing trips we've ever had. We enjoyed the snow and despite our Florida roots, went outside every day for something adventurous. Today pics are primarily of the snow shoe hike we went on on Wednesday.

Isn't this amazing?!? Clouds hovering but sun above and below. iphones could not do this one justice!
It is impossible to appear thin by any stretch of the imagine while wearing all this gear. By the end of this three hour hike I was sweaty and ready start shedding some layers.

If only Grandma's house had been over these rivers and through these woods!

Instead, was this amazing view of the setting sun skimming the tops of the trees in the valley below - God's amazing handiwork for sure!

For just a few minutes our guide left us to check out a section of the trail - when he came back we followed him to this amazing edge of the mountain - completely snow covered and untouched - stunning!

This was me playing with my F-stop on my camera - worked out well considering the branches are clear and the background is NOT:)

We try to never forget how truely blessed we are and have been to travel this great globe. We have visited Canada twice and it has been such a blessing.

I can share more of our adventures real soon but seeing as how my tree has no decorations except for its pre-lit ones, I figure I should get busy doing all that. Funny little story first ... I told the kids I thought we might just put up their 3-foot tree and call it done. Abbi's reply ... "you can't do that, it's ILLEGAL!!!" Where are those Christmas police???