Friday, December 30, 2011

Maybe not so OCD ...

So I took a moment to scrapbook something that has been pretty important to me and I wanted to post it before the new year. Last year I participated in Ali Edwards concept of "one little word". If you haven't seen this before you can go HERE.

This is not a hokey-pokey kind of thing. It is the one thing you want for your year. Last year I needed a gentle reminder that what I did with my time, my life, my energy - was MY CHOICE! So my word for 2011 was choice.
I wrote it a chalkboard that is placed prominantly in our home to remind me as I walked by. I am always feeling guilty for saying NO to things - so I rarely do. Instead, I pile myself up with event after event, task after task, all the while leaving the important things behind (in a manner of speaking). I often reminded myself of it when the phone rang or the email/text came. Sometimes I didn't say no, but the ability within myself to consider it was present.

Did this fix all my life's problems - by no means! But it helped some of them. It allowed me to ask for help when I needed it so that I could spend time doing the "important" things.

My word for 2012 is BALANCE. Now that I know it is my choice - how do I balance what I have chosen? That my friends is a very large "one little word". I hope you think about this and maybe you can use it to help you through what is sure to be an interesting New Year!

Peace to you all.

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