Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It CANNOT be true!

NOOO!!! It can't be happening - they ARE growing up before my eyes. I don't like it. I DO. NOT. LIKE. IT!!! I once wished they would..... start walking...go potty on their own .... start school ..... dress themselves.....and that list goes on.

Today, ELEVEN years later, I want it all to stop! I am not ready for the next step. Literally. I am not ready for them to not be in children's church anymore. I am not ready for them to head into youth on Friday night. I AM NOT ready for middle school!!!

But I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is ready. He brought us here. It has not been easy every day but there has been sooo much joy along with the sorrow. I just can't imagine how we got here so quickly.


is the biggest goofball in the world!
LOVES his electronics - fav thing right now is his iPod touch.
is sensitive to spiritual things
wants desperately to fit in.
is learning to appreciate his musical abilities.
is more ready for this journey than the rest of us.


is the more serious one.
LOVES soccer and anything outdoors.
is finally becoming a big girly. Painted her own snowflake on her nails! and it was impressive:)
works hard for her grades and fits in easily at school.
is not outwardly affectionate but has a sweet heart.
knows who she wants to be surrounded by and isn't swayed with peer pressure.


am so proud of both of them and just pray that I don't make too many "epic fails" as they call it!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mason and Abbi!!!

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