Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Shirt (and a preview!)

So I have actually done a few things crafty recently - this seems to be one of the hits for sure. I saw this on pinterest a LONG time ago and have had the stuff for a while so now it was time. It is a cute tree design out of ribbon onto a basic red (or whatever color you want) tee shirt. We happen to be a fan of red any time of year.

Here is my model - though she is more the focus here than the shirt:) That smile cracks me up! She is usually squinting and showing all her teeth so we have been practicing to smile with her mouth closed because somehow that has stopped the "ow, the sun is so bright" look (even when there was no sun) She is so pretty!

Here is an upclose of the tree. I would suggest using wide ribbon = less sewing. I cut the bottom loops (5 in all) and then each row became one less loop and about .5 to 1 inch shorter. I AM NOT the best bow maker so we will be adding some sort of rhinestone right in the middle to cover up my knot. TIP*** double sided ribbon is the BOMB! I didn't use it and sorely wished I had thought of it before I was finished.

Merry Christmas to you all - Hope you enjoy your time at the Savior's house and with all your family!

p.s. - this is post 198. On post 200 I will be hosting a give-away! Emily - have your friends follow!

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