Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Shirts!

Sooo, you still have time to make a cute Turkey Shirt (never fear, I will be right there with ya as my daughter whom I presumed would think she was too old now wants one too!) Here is a tutorial (the best I can do right now)..

The finished product...

Of course you start with a brown shirt - I guess you could change colors if you wanted - orange could be super cute too!

Then I traced the turkey body on the reverse side of my brown polka dot material. I used this because I already had it on hand.

Then I adhered one sided fusible webbing so the turkey would be "fluffy" - he is about to experience Thanksgiving right?

Then I began to attach the feathers. I used all different colors and patterns to be festive (and these were also items I already had on hand from my ribbon wreath from last year) Ribbon is something I can never throw away until the spool is empty.

I pinned each piece on (sewing only a couple at a time and then placing the turkey body on to make sure the stitchin is covered up.

Then I sewed on the turkey body. I used a zigzag stitch but also set it on the button hole so it looks like it is embroidered - kinda!

Anyway, I am hoping the two little sweeties I made these for are super excited to wear them!

Happy Tuesday - we have playdates and some early Christmas shopping to handle today - FUN STUFF!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Love, a Baby, or any important date! This was done for someone to celebrate their daughters anniversary date. But these can be customized to any date you like. All items can be personalized in your color scheme, font of choice, etc.

If you are interested just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to return it promptly!

Abbi and I are off to celebrate one final Gator win of the season - we hope!

Happy Weekend

Monday, November 14, 2011

It can't be....

Christmas yet! We haven't event had Thanksgiving!! There is still so much to do for Thanksgiving and I refuse to entirely give in and celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving.

We did however have the chance to play at Holly Fair this weekend with the rest of our piano taking buddies. Here is my sweet boy with Santa! I love that he doesn't think he's too big for this little shot. We don't ever do this at the mall so it is cute - forgive the shaky picture, my hands have been giving me fits lately:(

I have BIG plans for these next two weeks. Some cute Thanksgiving "gifts" and a little packing for the snow! Yay and boo - gonna miss my kiddos but hope to have some great fun with my husband. These last two weeks have been tough and tomorrow will be the culmination of those two weeks - whew - almost over!

Come back soon for some crafty stuff! Happy Monday.