Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Recap

So, Valentine's is one of my FAVORITE it the chance to unashamedly show your love, is it the sweets, is it the color RED, most likely all of the above! This Valentine's was a bit different since I had been a bit busy with birthday parties and working.

Well I did get some cute stuff together. I have had this desire for a "real" sifter but the old standards are hard to find. However, my dad went on a visit to N. Carolina and found this great one for me. Couldn't have been more excited to use it. I made banana nut bread for the kids teachers for V-day!

Here is the little tag I made with my Cricut Zooballoo cartridge - not red or pink but super cute!

I went to Bradens class and we decorated sugar cookies - they loved it!

Here is a card I made for a friend - I stitched the ribbon and then ran it through the Xyron (cause apparently I have the wrong needle for paper it it messes up everytime!)

A special shout-out to my friends (you know who you are) who check up on me when I am a bit spaced out! I love you and I appreciate your love and friendship! Happy Late Valentine's Day to you all!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life as I know it right now.

I saw this post HERE and thought I would like to copy it. Maybe it'll save a bit of where I am right now for when I might actually get to scrapbook about it (which seems VERY far off right now) My only ME thing I've done in a bit is buy myself a new wallet (great but kinda necessary) and posting this post. Kinda pitiful: anyway, on to the post.

Outside my window.....It is AMAZING 72 degrees and gorgeous! This, people, is why we live in Florida
I am thinking......of how good it feels today not to have anything that HAS to be done with regards to school.
We are learning .... by we I mean me (but that would be bad grammer!) to take deep breaths and use the word NO more often, just not nearly as often as I should just yet.
I am Thankful amazing husband. He gets upset at me but is always there to support and help me in all the things I am crazy enough to take on.
From the kitchen......will be frozen pizza tonight. It's Wednesday and that just works out best.
I am wearing...khaki's and a new sweater from LOFT. Oh, and the great bracelet Mason got me for Christmas.
I am keep my sanity for at least one more day - that's all I can promise.
I am reading.....PTO by-laws in an effort to create our personal set - boring, I know.
I am creating .... scrapbook pages for other people. and a random card or two.
I am Hoping .... for five minutes silence at the end of the day to put my feet up.
I am Hearing... my kiddos practice piano.
Around the feels like it is a disaster even though it was just pretty clean two days ago.
My Favorite hard to know for sure.
The Rest of the Week ..... PTO meeting, soccer practice, possible hair cut, lingerie shower for my sister, and possibly a free day on Saturday, followed up by church on Sunday.
My Picture to at Zachary's Restaurant where my love and I went for Valentine's Dinner on Friday night. Followed up by a lovely concert of Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

Try it, it might just feel good to write it all down. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Good Reason for a Party!

So there's this really great girl I know...she is a wife, a mother, an employee, a runner, oh and did I mention - she's now a CPA! As you might know, my SIL Melissa recently passed the final stage of her CPA exam. After many years of school, several years of study - the wait is over! Now, I am not one who has to look hard to have a party but this one was a while in the making and boy was it a blast to do! Primarily because, Melissa deserves it!

If I were half the blogger I hope to be I would've been better behind the camera, Melissa did alot of picture taking and I'm too impatient to wait for copies so I'm posting what I have.

Here is a little behind the scenes:

The balloons kept Braden busy for a while - he would gather them all up while standing in a chair on his tippy toes and then move them to the other side of the room and then proceed to do the whole thing over again!

The party was a numbers theme (Lisa so loves a theme and as my like-minded party planning friend - we ate that up in about 30 seconds flat) We used black & white with "splashes" of yellow since that is said honoree's favorite color. It turned out really cute. Our prize area was this dessert table. Whatcha think?

This little area was kinda cute too - props to Lisa who bought that candle stand for 25 cents and painted black was quite a hit.

This is an after party pic with the silver candlesticks missing but this looked pretty neat too - very grand with the silver candlesticks - as I said - blogger in training I guess.

p.s. - this number banner for the mantle was my absolute favorite part - probably because it was my brainchild and I did the work myself on this part - either way, I thought it was cute and can imagine so many different ideas for different themes.
We had some little darlings running around too who were quite proud of Mommy as well (and Mommy's cupcakes!)

And of course, very little darlings who enjoyed a little special time (or at least the big one enjoyed her time with the littlest darling)

Once again, a super HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa and a huge THANK YOU to Lisa for helping put this together - it was certainly a highlight!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Quick Card

and super easy! I just cut a piece of white paper to the width of my chosen envelope and folded it in half. Then I cut the pretty "Vera Bradley" style paper (Abbi's words) to be just shy of all four edges. Instead of cutting a white oval and placing it on top - I cut out an oval from the patterned paper and then placed the letters across the opening. I used my slick writer to line the inside just to ground it with the black letters. This card took a total of EIGHT minutes! Sweet easy and used up some supplies - a good thing!

Hope you can use this for your next "on the fly" card - Happy Tuesday:)