Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life as I know it right now.

I saw this post HERE and thought I would like to copy it. Maybe it'll save a bit of where I am right now for when I might actually get to scrapbook about it (which seems VERY far off right now) My only ME thing I've done in a bit is buy myself a new wallet (great but kinda necessary) and posting this post. Kinda pitiful: anyway, on to the post.

Outside my window.....It is AMAZING 72 degrees and gorgeous! This, people, is why we live in Florida
I am thinking......of how good it feels today not to have anything that HAS to be done with regards to school.
We are learning .... by we I mean me (but that would be bad grammer!) to take deep breaths and use the word NO more often, just not nearly as often as I should just yet.
I am Thankful amazing husband. He gets upset at me but is always there to support and help me in all the things I am crazy enough to take on.
From the kitchen......will be frozen pizza tonight. It's Wednesday and that just works out best.
I am wearing...khaki's and a new sweater from LOFT. Oh, and the great bracelet Mason got me for Christmas.
I am keep my sanity for at least one more day - that's all I can promise.
I am reading.....PTO by-laws in an effort to create our personal set - boring, I know.
I am creating .... scrapbook pages for other people. and a random card or two.
I am Hoping .... for five minutes silence at the end of the day to put my feet up.
I am Hearing... my kiddos practice piano.
Around the feels like it is a disaster even though it was just pretty clean two days ago.
My Favorite hard to know for sure.
The Rest of the Week ..... PTO meeting, soccer practice, possible hair cut, lingerie shower for my sister, and possibly a free day on Saturday, followed up by church on Sunday.
My Picture to at Zachary's Restaurant where my love and I went for Valentine's Dinner on Friday night. Followed up by a lovely concert of Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

Try it, it might just feel good to write it all down. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i dont mind you borrowing this, i borrowed it from someone else too. :) i'll have to check out your blog since you are following mine! :)