Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Views of School's First Day~

Well, it's officially school time again. We had good things and then a few "scary" moments as well. Abbi has a teacher that is very strict (which is fine for her rule-abiding self) but is totally different than what she is used to - will certainly require some adjusting. Mason has a good teacher but like most men - he has few words! Braden loves school even though he's only been to orientation - can't wait to see what tomorrow holds. Here are a few pics from the first day. . . enjoy!

Note in lunchboxes (on their napkins) reminding them we are thinking of them.

Handsome smile (finally!)

Mischevious is the word for this one!

Can we get this overwith? Dad took the pics and he doesn't have the patience Mom does when trying to get the "perfect" pictures.

Checking out the new desk.

Yeah, I'm gonna be fine (I think?)

The best backpack ever!

Mrs. Childs reads the famous "Kissing Hand"

Well, we're off again today. So much to do for Recognition Night tomorrow night. Whatever you're doing today, enjoy:)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Something Borrowed. . .

So I was hunting for inspiration and found it with a layout that Mrs. Scurlock posted on her blog ( I had only two photos and she had only two photos so I scraplifted her page and here is how mine turned out. Hope you are pleased Amber!

This is Braden - age 3- and his first Best Friend . . Sawyer. They were adorable together!

Hopefully life will return to some routine soon and I can begin to have more to share on a "regular" basis. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Excited, Disappointed, Excited Again!

That is how I felt about this layout - so excited about the supplies I purchased (specifically for Abbi's yellow dress) but then it just wasn't working. I was inspired by a layout in my CK magazine and used my paper trim (very cool by Flair Designs) and bordered the photo. I was pleased with the result and it kinda "saved" the layout.

I did this little ruffle trim and actually liked the "lace" - whatcha think Lisa?

We spent some time yesterday with the family from Vegas, today I begin planning for Recognition Night at church in two weeks (Oh, my goodness!) and Mason has lost TWO teeth in one week! Enjoy your day:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scrappin' Old School - who knew?

Hello ladies! (& maybe gentlemen) Sorry to have been gone so long but I've been working for a client so not much personal work to share - but now back to business - yeah!

I purchased these "eyelets" which are so yesterday but I loved the look of them. Not the tiny ones but these were pretty cool (I thought) Anyway, I added this one to Abbi's layout and I really liked it - she's such an amazing & Brave girl (here she had just had stitches for a dog bite - ouch) but she looks so sweet and peaceful.

This is what happens when it rains at Aunt Stacey's house and we can't swim in the pool - every Fisher Price/Little People toy that was headed for the garage sale came out (courtesy of Braden) Anyway, the kids had fun even if they couldn't swim.

Here is an older layout I did using more metal and a classic look but I just loved it and thought I'd share some more "old school" with you guys.

Well, I should be back sooner than later - have a fun day!!