Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I am OCD...

I must post things in the order in which they occur! Thus - Christmas will have to wait until I put up these birthday pics.

The twins decided on separate celebrations this year so we did a family lunch after school on their birthday (it was a half day) at Olive Garden.

What I love about this pic is that my children are learning to take photos of things other than people. The wrapping paper, the presents (unopened), etc which I think it cool. Documenting can never be done "wrong".

Here is Grandma's wrapping this year - handmade!

We bought them each a Nook - can you tell they were excited?!?

I won't ruin the excitement of these pictures with the sad story of what happened to their Nooks and how one might (or might not) be severly under the weather. It's what happens when trying to "hide your valuables" when heading into Wal-mart.

Abbi chose a pedicure, lunch and cupcakes with a few close friends. I won't show their faces (cause I haven't asked their parents and am too impatient to wait for permission) but I figured and toe ( and hand) shot would be just fine!

In all, it was a fun day of celebrating with the girls and alot less stress than a huge party. Not sure I would want to forego a party every year but this was a nice change. Happy Thursday everyone and I will post a wonderful layout I did for my niece tomorrow - I am determined to do more scrapbooking this New Year:)

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