Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a SAHM experiences in a day .....

I am seriously aware that many houses don't function like ours - HA! However, I wanted to remember some of what takes place in our house. So I thought you might enjoy the laugh (along with the pics) while I jot this down.

Several months ago Mason got in HUGE trouble and we were advised that he needed something to "bog him down" or otherwise keep him occupied and not thinking of the other thing that got him in trouble to start with. We initially assumed that would be something outdoors (and involving Daddy, however, as it turned out, it has been cooking, and involves mostly Mama. To be delight but total shock - he TOTALLY prefers his daddy to his mama. My kids are a bit unusual with their food choices (proud of that) and their love for food tv will become apparent momentarily.

This was the cake we had for our Father's Day Celebration and it's Mason icing it.

Heard: "Mama - where's the zester?" What nine yr old knows what a zester is? Mine!

This was the key lime pie that he zested all those keylimes for - he did great! And it was completely gone by the time our company was.

Braden said: "it's the most beautiful day ever!" Just because he wanted to swim in the RAIN!

Braden: " don't give me lollipops any more - ban me from them." This after my feet were eaten up from the ants who found their way to his lollipop stick. Clearly, I took his advice - no more lollipops for him.

Spoken by Abbi over my shoulder while I was looking at a blog: "they could've dirty iced that cake better" food tv at it's finest I say - it was not dirty iced, it was their attempt at a "rustic" cake.
mama - will you sign me up for piano?
"oh, yeah, i can get that! - oh, how do i buy it?" "do we go to the store and spend our allowance"
"mama, i'm not sure about this"
"i would really love one of those, this is gonna be hard decision making"
"do we have to sit in the Board Room all morning, emphasis on bored!"
Me: "we'll go tomorrow", Braden: "that'll be too long from now and I'll be full and everybody will be saying, hold me, hold me, hold me" Mama, i've made up my mind.
So, if you're ever in a down moment or your prayer list lacks items - add me to it! hee hee!

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