Thursday, July 22, 2010

What has kept me away you ask?

This kept me away! No it shouldn't have taken this long but having three children home for the summer makes anything take three times as long ( I love them but WOW!)

I have been inspired by all the crafty blogs to see what I could do and here is my first every piece of clothing sewn. Not to brag but I am SUPER proud of me - not that there aren't some ridiculously embarrassing incidents throughout this. I sewed things together wrong, wrongside out and any number of other things - let's just say, my newest and dearest friend is my seam-ripper!

In the end it's cute and Abbi LOVES it! Her exclamation was: "FINALLY, I get to wear a homemade outfit!" I'm gonna run with this train as long as she let's me since we all know that will end soon. Here she is posing - hee hee!

Here is the ruffle - she says it's her favorite part:)

And since I clearly don't know how to do button-holes yet, this pattern called for D-rings - which was great.

Sew, maybe you don't want to sew, but maybe do something else crafty today. Hope I inspired you and come back soon for some crafty posts.

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