Friday, July 16, 2010

Something I Forgot (Imagine that!)

So apparently life exploded sometime the week after Braden's birthday party because I forgot to post about it - oops!

This year was his choice - Gymnastics Plus - which is a pretty fantastic deal (despite the sweaty gym smell-ha!) It's short, sweet, FUN, and over in a flash. So I wanted to make a fun cake since we didn't have a "theme" and I had seen this over here and fell in love. Of course, we modified it a bit.

Then we borrowed another friends cupcake stand and each child got their own cupcake.

We learned one very valuable lesson - LifeSaver's do melt in approx. less than 20 minutes when you live in Florida. Despite being stored previously in the fridge and only being in the car for the previously mentioned less than 20 min. My point, if you do this, put the LifeSavers on just prior to the party!

I linked this up here @ It's HodgePodge Life! They have such fun stuff to see - fun, funky, and practical - go check it out!

On to more exciting stuff - the Birthday Boy - being himself - hanging from the "monkey" bars!

This was a great pic - Trenton jumps the bar while stepping outside his "grown-up" self!

And this little cutie being a big girl - totally in her element! Running, jumping, twirling - are you kidding?

Even the big kid couldn't resist - pretty impressed though - don't think I could do it. Actually, I'm certain I would've been on my behind in two seconds flat!

Anything you can do, I can do better:)

I think he liked it?


Sorry to be late, but how you enjoyed them anyhow.

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