Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life in the "Strenuous" Lane

So I should really be doing something else right now but I wanted to poke my head back into the blog world even if only for a minute. We have been crazy for the last bit and no signs of slowing down at least until next week. It's ok - manageable (for now) - just crazy busy! I took this pic of the sign at Amacalola Falls in Blue Ridge on our Georgia vacation last week. Sometimes life is strenuous - no way around it - but with Jesus holding our hand we will make it to the top!

There will be many little pics of our vacay thrown in over the next few posts - we had an amazing time despite injured toes, bicycle falls, and mini-meltdowns (each of us had at least one, even the grown-ups!) But as the pics will show, God's creation is gorgeous and full of great joy!

Happy Wednesday
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