Monday, August 1, 2011

Instantly Home

Two weeks ago we went to the Mountains - we were all so looking forward to the break and hoping the website was accurate of our lodging. Praise the Lord - it was AMAZING! The place was just as pictured and we were all in love instantly. This is the first vacation in a while (at least with kids in tow) that when it was time to come home NONE of us were ready. Had it not been that we wanted to be back for church on Sunday - we would've stayed another day (or two, or three!) There were so many fun things we didn't get to do and then some fun things we would've loved to do again. We're already making plans for next year! More fun pics to come if I can figure out how to load more than one photo at a time ( I loaded them to picasso, trying to blog from there and not sure how to do more than one at a time - all up for tips on that!)

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