Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The beginning & the End...

of an era. The beginning of the end of elementary school for my twins.

I tear up thinking of when they were so little..on new.

Now...the "seniors" of elementary school (Abbi's term, not mine)

I am so proud of them. Both smart in their own way. so talented. Personalities that bloom more every day. I think of how they won't quit growing. They won't stay small forever.

I read a blog the other day that really got me worked up - in a bad way. It talked about liking your children and basically proceeded to berate anyone who might have a hint of excitement that their children were headed back to school. Even seemed to question those parents love for their children and the list went on. It really got me to thinking.

I love my children - I believe most of you know that. I have challenges with each of them in different areas - I pray the mother of that blog doesn't experience some of the challenges that I have with her children (5,3,1 year olds - who is she to judge when her's aren't even school age)
Who are any of us to judge. We can all say "my child will never!" HA!!! Your child will for sure, so just be prepared. It's how you respond that makes you different from that mother/father.

My children cannot grow like they should within only the confines of my four walls. They must experience other children, they must learn that not every child is just like them, otherwise, they will be ignorant and naive. I love watching my children interact with others - it is a good gauge as to the areas we need to work on. Just this week I had a talk (at a little restaurant where we had a soda) with one of mine about their attitude, lack of grattitude, and how I have been where she is (even though she is convinced I don't remember it cause it was tooooo long ago!)

As you can tell this is still a bit of a raw nerve - I want my kids to grow, be compassionate, show love and not judge. When I look at this guy my heart aches because I see a glimpse into what the future could hold - some good, some not so much. He is so tall and handsome and yet still so in need of his Daddy and Me. How love them and keep them close while learning to let go just a bit at a time - that is the balance all parents must find.
So whether your children are school age or not, I am praying that will all have a greater compassion on others. We don't know their situation, where they come from, what they face on a daily basis. Each child is different - some with disabilities - others with quirks that make you want to give them a disability! Whatever their situation, every child needs someone to love them more and judge them less. Lord, Help me to be that person for both my children and those who are so wonderfully placed in my care.

Have a sweet Tuesday!

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