Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School - ahhh!

So I'm back (with a bit of a vengence) with a "Back to School" teacher gift. I saw this here on a blog and modified it for my stash of randomness just lying around. As a substitute teacher I learned many of which is that there are NEVER enough sharpened pencils and that happens on purpose I think because little ones LOVE to go sharpen their own pencil which was previously sharp but they ground it down just to make the trip to the sharpener! Remember that as a kiddo? Most teachers had a container where the children could exchange their dull pencils for an already sharpened one (hence removing 19 trips to the sharpener and ten more minutes before valuable lesson time!) So I made this....

This will hold their sharpened pencils and hence the term "one sharp bunch" (clever, right?)

So I started with an empty decorative paint can and covered it with two layers of random (well not so random because I was trying to do blue/green for our school colors) The first layer was 4 inches X 12 inches. Here is where I didn't really think ahead. The standard 12X12 paper doesn't go all the way around - but I fixed that - you'll see in a bit.

Next I added a decorative little trim. This too was leftover stuff and I loved adding the yellow/orange to the color scheme. I primarily did this to ground the project as well as give a backdrop for the word SHARP. I wanted the kiddos to know this was the already sharpened bunch of pencils.

Then I added the "title." American Crafts thickers are just amazing - these poolside (blue) were great because they were glittered and that was just too much fun!

So another thing I learned is that teachers (genenerally speaking) are super grateful people. They are just so happy that you thought of them. This will go to Braden's teacher who is new but we are already in LOVE with. I will be back tomorrow to show you a little something for the "big kids" teachers.

Hope you have a great day (and a great last week of summer)!

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