Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just a Piece

After all my groaning yesterday about one photo from picasso I discovered the collage option. I played with it for just a bit and got this great little set-up. One of the MAJOR places we spent our time was in the creek. It was so gorgeous, peaceful, like it was carved out just for us (not sure God was specifically thinking of our vacay when he made it but we are super thankful for it) It is one of the reasons we want to go back to this cabin as opposed to somewhere further North (closer to the rafting)

The kids moved rocks around all over the place. Made their own damns - better than little beavers and it kept them busy forever! They found "rock stations" where there were large rocks (BTW amazed at how strong my little man is!) there were small rocks stations they found just filled with the little pebbles to fill their tiny holes, and then we discussed what diversity and variety were and there were "varity rock stations" AKA places in the creek where all types of rocks were present in one place. Seriously, we visited the creek AT LEAST once a day and most days it was a morning and afternoon affair.

The Smores were fun too but our marshmallows were a bit too big - the second time we cut them in half before roasting!

Thanks for sharing in our vacation memories. Here's hoping I will finish a craft/LO today and share that tomorrow!

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