Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Celebrate a Great First Week (mini tutorial - sorta?)

So it's halfway through the first week of school and minus a little allergy issue with Mason - we are having a FANTASTIC start! Praise be to the Lord in Heaven - those with kiddos know what a true blessing this is.

We have a new situation for all of this year - TWO (count 'em two) MALE teachers! This is great in nearly every way except when it comes to gift giving. The frilly stuff just won't do. So we made this little gift card holder that hold a Starbucks gift card. I took a few pics along the way to maybe resemble a tutorial - i think i left out one part but I will try to explain it well so you can do this.

I first measured the gift card and gave allowance on the top and sides for the stitching. Because the back side of my paper was white it took a little thinking to make sure when I folded no white showed. Anyway - this piece of paper was 9x4.

Next I turned the paper over and placed the gift card on it to guide me. I folded the bottom half to where it covered approx. 2/3 of the gift card - needed a little to poke out the top.

Then I folded the top portion over to make neat lines. Here's the part I didn't picture. The shorter half should be folded down first and adhered. I just used my tape runner by any adhesive will do since you will be stitchin it anyway.

Once you adhere the shorter section - you can stitch the sides. . . and then place your gift card in. Of course, I'm a sucker for little sayings and I like the thing about the grind since it was coffee - TOTAL SUCKER for that stuff. Anyway, I left this one pretty basic (for the men) but I'm sure some of those lady teachers would love it and you could make it larger and really dress it up a bit!

Happy Crafting

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